Wednesday, 30 January 2013

#COCAINE Bush-Clinton Crime Syndicate #Mena #ARKANSAS

I'm often simply astounded at how little so many, have worked out, about who runs the USA, and why.  Bottom line; the DRUGS, and the MILITARY, go together, like sex and cigarettes.

Now we have published the GEORGE W BUSH RAPE COURT RECORDS and also the DEEPEST of the DEEP American MAFIA in CONGRESS NAMED.  It seems it's time to educate quite a few more of you, who I now realise, may be completely unaware as to HOW and WHY BILL CLINTON was put into the Presidency.  It's ALWAYS ABOUT THE DRUGS DUBMO.  Bill Clinton RAN MENA AIRPORT, when he was governor of that TINY STATE, and UNKNOWN; you know, just before his METEORIC RISE TO POWER; friends, take it well, but BILL CLINTON was the COCAINE MAN, for GEORGE HERBERT WALKER BUSH.  It's just simply, that simple.

How those outside laugh on when Americans complain about e.g. a drug dealer running Panama; for outside of America, this fact, is rather widely known.  Listen up; it's time to get a LESSON IN MENA!

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This remains the most truth you will find anywhere on planet internet. Fact.  If you want to know all it's possible to currently know, this is it.  The WHOLE WORLD needs to know the contents of this audio, and I cannot personally thank all three participants enough for having the courage to record and broadcast this conversation.  If you want to see the BANK OF AMERICA Afghan heroin trade CASH BOXES seized by the Pakistani ISI, of course, that video is already here on Operation Occupy The Banks:

"CENSORED: Stew Webb & Gordon Duff #ProjectNSEARCH

Gordon Stuff and Stew Webb. If you're already a regular, you won't need any introduction to this one. If you're not already a regular, and have no idea who these people are, nor why you should listen to them, you should check out our previous coverage. You need to get up to speed with this. FAST! This could be so crucial, that we're cross-posting. That simple. Note, this MAY be a commercial free version of the video already on site, and for that reason we also put it here; we're listening now. But right now, no matter if a repeat without commercials or not; this DESERVES to be here, and you NEED to listen to it, even if you did listen to it the first time; there's so much in this, FACT!"


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