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"UK perilously close to triple dip recession - Goldman Sachs calls for Plan B Updated 01/26 Here is Plan B

Goldman Sachs calls for plan B in the UK. 

Plan B 
Prosecute Goldman Sachs and the other criminal banks for their multiple frauds. 
Fine them £100bn. 

Cut defence spending by 80%. 

Stop the Corporate Tax breaks that allow multinationals to divert their UK generated profits to offshore tax havens to pay zero Corporation Tax.

Stop the neocon wars in Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and now Mali.

Now that the UK's government finances are sorted, lower taxes on the poor and middle classes.

Then get the hell out of the undemocratic, over regulated, socialist and bureaucratic European Union. 

It is costing the UK TENS OF BILLIONS every year. 

Over half the UK's trade is now outside of the EU. 
We import more from the EU than we export to them. 
They need us more than we need them. 
Do a trade deal - on FAVOURABLE terms - like Switzerland has done.

Problem sorted.

Appendix Added 01/26

The results of Labour's extreme economic mismanagement when they were in power during the global economic boom period - 1997 to 2007.  

And the subsequent disastrous consequences of the bank bailouts, the effects of the global financial crisis and lack of global recovery on government budgets. 

The boom was fuelled by a massive increase in the global money supply and the export of price deflation in manufactured goods and services by China and India. 
But Gordon Brown was too blind to see and has ZERO common sense. 

The "boom" was debt fuelled. 
It was not real economic progress in the UK. 
The falsity of the "boom" and the consequent increase in debt has now been made apparent to most.

It will take decades to fix Labour's disastrous tenure and economic misadventures. 
The UK is not even heading in the right direction yet. 

European governments, the European Union and the Eurozone are still heading in an even worse direction. So is America.

The UK needs to align itself with the fastest growing economic bloc in the world. That is SE Asia. 

The UK needs to distance itself from the slowest economic area in the world. That is the Eurozone and the European Union. 

The UK needs to make itself more competitive in the global marketplace by removing the multitude of petty regulations. 

It should stop giving taxpayer money away to big banks via bailouts and quantitative easing. Let the Americans and the Eurozone bail out the big banks while they are still too stupid to do it. The UK taxpayer should not pay. 
It should split the speculative investment banks away from retail banking. 
UK taxpayers should not be subjected to the Sword of Damocles hanging over them from the speculative activities of the "investment" arms of big banks. 

It also needs to increase incentives for work by drastically lowering tax rates on low earners and putting in place caps on the maximum amount of benefits individual families are able to receive. 

It needs to increase the disposable income of the middle classes and the lower paid. 

It needs to break up the Corporate cartels that are now endemic in every major industry and make the UK marketplace more competitive - particularly the banking cartel. 

Read more on the global economic situation at :- 

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