Monday, 28 January 2013

#BANKSTERS Human - Our Future is NOW! Rabbit!

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Our Future is NOW!

Occupy The Banks (Operation #OTB) is the 
 and certainly the greatest,hottest, fastest-growing and DEFINITELY THE COOLEST GLOBAL DIGITAL INTERNET FREEDOMS OCCUPY MEME & IDEA uniting and connecting the globe's 99% transculturally, internationally, AUTOMATICALLY FISCALLY!  Tell your friends about us:  now!!

Put Your Chips To Work for Humanity!

We have no affiliation with the organisation that produced this video. It appears hear solely to teach you an axiom. We hope you agree this truth is self-evident; after just a few minutes you'll understand fully.

If you 'get it' once you've seen the video you should subscribe to this free list immediately!  If you don't 'get it' having seen 'Ready for a Revolution' then you need to go through the links on this website until you have your moment of realisation [CLICK HERE TO READ THE SHORT & CONCISE FIRST CLEAR EXAMPLE IN!] or start here at the beginning!  

Our Future is NOW! Seize OUR Moment!

The Anon revolution is here; we're taking back our fiscal systems from the scum-bags that have ruined our globe. ;)  Our solutions solve the historical problem and this century's problems' manifestations in the secret bankster/bombmaker/spooks & spies, technologists, pharmacologists problems of the world of the military industrial pharmacological complex - we need to root out our legal conundrums and fallacies AND FIAT FISCAL PROBLEMS!  

Either you get it like this English Taxi driver, this Irish Finance workers, this destitute Spanish guy Speaking in English (who understands England real well!)this lawyer (this Greek Anon Hero Greek Language Sub-Titles creator along with this Patriot 'Rule of Law Returner'  ex-USA-Governor & NAVY SEAL (and we hope possible Vice Presidential Running Mate!) and certainly this heroic and impassioned young American HERO they really, really get it!  BUT DO YOU GET IT?  THAT'S IS THE ONLY QUESTION THAT MATTERS TO YOU - SO BE BOLD - find out if you have the common understanding sweeping the globe with #OTB!  What's the secret of our success??  

Read on friend into Occupy The Meme


This website 'works' because the people visiting it are *all* heroes; interested to find out on a daily basis about the scumbag banksters of planet earth! Our blog is updated multiple times daily, seven days a week, educating people worldwide (now in ten languages and counting! :)) into the root causes, and TECHNOLOGICAL SOLUTIONS ANY 99% WITH A COMPUTER, OR A SMARTPHONE CAN IMPLEMENT TODAY, for all our better futures, tomorrows, forever .. forever free of the banksters. ;) We currently rely solely on supporters of keeping the info flow going with truth news about the scumbag banksters .... so don't be shy!

Refer your friends - that's how we grow! :)



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UPDATES!!!!! (posted 12/01/2012 @18.25 UTC)

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nb:  that is the POINT of this group!!

Please help us grow #OccupyGLOBES - paste this info graphic via Twitter, Facebook Wall & into your Occupii groups (with the warning above only please!!)!

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PS: U wanted SOLUTIONS We've been digging 4 HUMANITY!
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  3. SOLAR - Do It Yourself DUMBO!  It's almost FREE!!!
  4. Heritage Seeds EVERYWHERE  Order Yours Now!
  5. Use the Solar PowerEffortlessly IRRIGATE 
  6. Heat: Home /Power Plant (sell excess; BUY METAL)! 
#OpBlackheath  |  #OpRothschild  |  #OpRockefeller  ICC ;~) x

  1. MorU Can't Handle It HUMAN

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