Tuesday, 29 January 2013

#ANONYMOUS Operation American Freedom #OWS #ANONS

Before we get on to Anonymous' Operation American Freedom, it's very, very important if you are American, than you watch, and ABSORB the details in the first video.  This is NOT a joke, nor any longer, a dress rehersal.  The crazies are in power, and you cheered as they illegally genocided, two countries, and now are onto their seventh.  You cheered when they started droning 15 year old American boys.  And now, for your cheering, they're coming, to GENOCIDE YOU!

"12/14/09 ~ Update  I will get the 2nd video back up, and I will make a 3rd video... but only when the time is right. However, I will leave you with this to ponder. If you do not wish to be a slave, break away from the system. Make your own electricity. Collect your own water. Make your own hydrogen fuel. Grow your own food. Cause if you don't, you are as good as dead and you will become the enemy. Stop clinging to weapons and stop clinging to religion, neither of them will save you. The real threat is MONEY, get as far away from it as you can and you will have a chance."

If you're DUM DUM enough to not be AWAKE enough, to ACCEPT REALITY, not to worry, you don't have long to wait; you'll soon be out of here; the totalitarians have had 50 years to perfect mass killing; not sure it will be painless though; DUM DUM BULLETS, all one billion of them, are designed to DESTROY THE HUMAN BODY; that's why they're ILLEGAL TO USE, for most purposes.

How will the law protect you now; after you threw it out of the window, for everyone else on planet earth; do you really think it's going to be there when YOU NOW NEED IT?  If so, you're a FOOL!

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US Concentration Camps planned Ahead by the British Crown. Survival guide

Published on May 4, 2012
Mirroed From: http://www.youtube.com/user/PrepareFor2012
Concentration Camps will become a reality in the year 2012 and will last till 2025.

Watch this video, and be prepared.

movie clips used for this video
are from "The Grey Zone" 2001

Concentration Camp Survival Guide 02

The second video was removed by FOX...
btw, FOX is playing a big part in all of this...
so take them out, NOW, before it's too late!

look for the video "OutFoxed" to dig up the dirt on FOX


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