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If you do nothing else, we suggest you take a peek at the first link; CONFIRMATION the COMMAND and CONTROL of the CYBER-ATTACKS on IRANIAN FACILITIES is based in ITALY and the UNITED KINGDOM! ;)


2013-0104.htm RSA Contacts Iran on Cyber Attacks January 21, 2013
2013-0103.htm         Parastoo Hacks DOE                               January 21, 2013
2013-0102.htm         Why Publish Gun Holders                          January 21, 2013         300K Pistol Permit Sample in New York 2010 Map   January 20, 2013

2013-0100.htm         NY Pistol Permit Owners                          January 20, 2013
2013-0099.pdf         Aaron Swartz: Oxford Dictionary of Slang         January 20, 2013 (17.5MB)
2013-0098.pdf         Aaron Swartz: Postcolonialism Introduction       January 20, 2013 (18.9MB)
2013-0097.pdf         Aaron Swartz: End of the World Guide             January 20, 2013 (8.5MB)
2013-0096.pdf         Aaron Swartz: Power Sex Suicide                  January 20, 2013 (3.4MB)

2013-0095.pdf         Aaron Swartz: March of Unreason                  January 20, 2013 (1.9MB)
2013-0094.pdf         Aaron Swartz: Global Catastrophes Introduction   January 20, 2013 (2.5MB)
2013-0093.pdf         Aaron Swartz: Surviving Armageddon               January 20, 2013 (2.7MB)
2013-0092.pdf         Aaron Swartz: Emerald Planet                     January 20, 2013 (2.5MB)
2013-0091.pdf         Aaron Swartz: Magic Universe                     January 20, 2013 (4.8MB)

2013-0090.pdf         Aaron Swartz: Information Society Theories       January 19, 2013 (2.4MB)
2013-0089.pdf         Aaron Swartz: Democracy Inc: Totalitarianism     January 19, 2013 (944KB)
2013-0088.pdf         Aaron Swartz: Governing Global E-Networks        January 19, 2013 (3.8MB)
2013-0087.pdf         Aaron Swartz: Information Arts, Science, Tech    January 19, 2013 (10.7MB)
2013-0086.pdf         Aaron Swartz: Wireless Internet Security         January 19, 2013 (1.2MB)

2013-0085.pdf         Aaron Swartz: Internet Jurisdiction-Regulation   January 19, 2013 (1.9MB)
2013-0084.htm         Iran Shows Electronic Warfare Against GPS        January 19, 2013
2013-0083.pdf         Aaron Swartz: InfoTech Moral Philosophy          January 19, 2013 (1.9MB)
2013-0082.pdf         Aaron Swartz: Thinking in Action On the Internet January 19, 2013 (733KB)
2013-0081.pdf         Aaron Swartz: Who Controls the Internet?         January 19, 2013 (17.7MB)

2013-0080.pdf         Aaron Swartz: US-UK Spy Cooperation Post-911     January 19, 2013 (1.6MB)
2013-0079.pdf         Aaron Swartz: Government Secrecy in Net Age      January 19, 2013 (3.0MB)
2013-0078.pdf         Aaron Swartz: US Telecom Policy in Net Age       January 19, 2013 (4.0MB)
2013-0077.pdf         Aaron Swartz: Cybercrime Principles              January 19, 2013 (2.0MB)
2013-0076.pdf         Aaron Swartz: Cybersecurity Law and Economics    January 19, 2013 (2.1MB)

2013-0075.pdf         Aaron Swartz: Global Transparency Perils-Promise January 19, 2013 (1.1MB)
2013-0074.pdf         Aaron Swartz: Cryptography and Complexity        January 19, 2013 (1.8MB)


"John Young, what a star. Helped us launch Operation Occupy The Banks by linking in, in our earliest days, upon request for some help from the great, and the good; thanks to that help, our sister site will soon surpase 1,000,000 views, this site, only published to regularly in the past month or two, now already at around 20,000 page views per month!). 

Of course, cryptography coverage; crypto-currencies coverage; bitcoin and free software tutorials, is now spun out to All that said, over to John, over at; for you can see clearly, why this man is so important to the FREE internet!"

For full list of documents LIBERATED **BACK** into the PUBLIC DOMAIN:

And see also the link thereon, for the FULL COURT PICTURES of Aaron's setup!  WOW!

DO NOTE; having just checked, it seems as though John is PUBLISHING EVERY LAST DOCUMENT LIBERATED!!!!  Get over to cryptome DAILY, for the lot, it would seem!

Think we're joking? THINK AGAIN! Just peek!

2013-0058.pdf         Aaron Swartz: Marketing Rebellion (ie WikiLeaks) January 16, 2013 (1.1MB)
2013-0057.pdf         Aaron Swartz: Munitions of the Mind: Propaganda  January 16, 2013 (1.4MB)
2013-0056.pdf         Aaron Swartz: Citizen Spy: TV Spying Propaganda  January 16, 2013 (2.4MB)

2013-0055.pdf         Aaron Swartz: Spy Wars, Moles, Deadly Games      January 16, 2013 (1.0MB)
2013-0054.pdf         Aaron Swartz: Spying Blind: CIA, FBI, 9/11       January 16, 2013 (1.1MB)
2013-0053.pdf         Aaron Swartz: The Culture of Conspiracy          January 16, 2013 (1.0MB)
2013-0052.pdf         Aaron Swartz: Norms in a Wired World             January 16, 2013 (1.6MB)
2013-0051.pdf         Aaron Swartz: Prison State: Mass Incarceration   January 16, 2013 (1.4MB)

2013-0050.pdf         Aaron Swartz: Media, Politics, Network Society   January 16, 2013 (1.9MB)
2013-0049.pdf         Aaron Swartz: Internet Scientific Collaboration  January 16, 2013 (3.6MB)
2013-0048.txt         Documents Allegedly Downloaded by Aaron Swartz   January 15, 2013
2013-0047.pdf         Aaron Swartz: Disposable Women of Global Capital January 15, 2013 (2.2MB)
2013-0046.pdf         Aaron Swartz: Achieving Human Rights             January 15, 2013 (844KB)

2013-0036.pdf         Aaron Swartz: MIT Compile of Cognitive Sciences  January 14, 2013 (11MB)
2013-0035.pdf         Aaron Swartz: Philosphy and Computing            January 13, 2013 (1.1MB)
2013-0034.pdf         Aaron Swartz: Acts of Rebellion                  January 13, 2013 (4.8MB)
2013-0033.pdf         Aaron Swartz: Media Psychology                   January 13, 2013 (1.0MB)
2013-0032.pdf         Aaron Swartz: Interrogation-Confession Handbook  January 13, 2013 (3.6MB)

2013-0032.pdf         Aaron Swartz: Psychology Law Truth and Lies      January 13, 2013 (3.4MB)
2013-0032.pdf         Aaron Swartz: Psychology of Spying Analysis      January 13, 2013 (983KB)
2013-0031.pdf         Aaron Swartz: Psychiatric Slavery                January 13, 2013 (6.0MB)


No wonder they wanted him DEAD!

The White Rabbit!
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