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For those who already know this site started out with a lecture/prediction from Michael Rupport about  a certain region of the planet, we did.  Now it's time for all of us to get to know an area of the planet from which emanates little news; the conscious mind of the West rarely penetrated.  It's time to:

MEET THE STANS - Uzbekistan & Tajikistan 

"Published on Nov 14, 2011

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Simon Reeve travels through Central Asia in this four-part BBC TV series, shown on BBC2, BBC World and by broadcasters internationally. The adventure took Simon from the far north-west of Kazakhstan, by the Russian border, east to the Chinese border, south through Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan to the edge of Afghanistan, and west to Uzbekistan and the legendary Silk Road cities of Samarkand and Bukhara.
The Guardian said it was 'a thrilling postcard from the edge'
The Times said: 'Simon Reeve's journey through Kazakhstan is a first-class Boys Own adventure on film and illuminating too. I can't imagine anyone switching off who stays for the first five minutes.'
SIMON REEVE is an adventurer, TV presenter and New York Times bestselling author with a passion for travel, current affairs, history, conservation and the environment. He has been around the world three times for the BBC series Equator, Tropic of Capricorn, and Tropic of Cancer, and has travelled extensively in more than 100 countries. Simon's last journey around the Tropic of Cancer enthralled millions and was described by The Times of London as: "a real gem...Reeve is in a class of his own". Readers of a leading travel magazine voted it their favourite TV series. Simon, who is an ambassador for the nature conservation organisation WWF, has been awarded a One World Broadcasting Trust award for an "outstanding contribution to greater world understanding". His books include Tropic of Capricorn (published by BBC Books), and The New Jackals: Ramzi Yousef, Osama bin Laden and the future of terrorism, which warned of a new age of apocalyptic terrorism, and was the first in the world on bin Laden and al Qaeda. Originally published in 1998 it has been a New York Times bestseller. Simon has contributed to other studies into organised crime, terrorism, biological warfare and corruption. His book One Day in September: the story of the 1972 Munich Olympics massacre was published in 2000. The film of the same name, narrated by the actor Michael Douglas, won an Oscar for best feature documentary.
You can find out more information on Simon's journeys, and see more of Simon's films, at his website: or at
Thanks for watching!"

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