Friday, 21 December 2012

#UK News Update 21st Dec 2012 #UKCOLUMN LIVE #OpCLEANSWEEP

NOTE:  the Man-in-The-Middle is fighting us hard over this page; we suspect there may be something in this broadcast TPTB really don't want you to know.  And just because they're pissing us off, we thought we'd add a few choice links under this one! ;) **

UPDATED (23.32 hours):

And YES - so sure of it we were (we have them on the run so much, they only have the resources to fight over pages that matter now (unlike the 24/7/365 they had on us before) ... LISTEN FROM MINUTE TWENTY THREE ONWARDS; @ least until minute 33 ... if it doesn't and hasn't grabbed you by then, frankly, YOUR DUMBO!  OMG; If say you get topast 33 and don't get it; you must see our HUFFPOST CENSORSHIP DOXED post, and you must also understand, ONE OF THE POSTS WE MADE NEVER, EVER MADE IT TO PAGE (HUFFPOST or HERE on #OTB); listen, very, carefully. ;)

Been a while, time to check back in with some REAL news, you know, exactly the sort of thing you never find on the Paedo-Coverup channels (BBC1 and BBC2 ... oh, and let's be honest, likely Channel 4, Channel 5 and ITV (i.e. all the terrestrial channels you get FORCED AT THE POINT OF A GUN to pay for; you know, the money for which goes on ENORMOUS salaries to KNOWN PAEDOS, in the case of at least one of those, the BBC).   That sort of news program.

We went checking (having had the TV detector van around outside; yes, yes, we did notice, CAPITA heh) ... 97% of the UK (according to the BBC's stats, and we now know, truly, how honest the BBC is, so a note of caution; likely completely fictional figure) pays for a TV licence.  Big job then for Brits that are awake and aware. 97% slave-hood in the Nation. Over to some real news, from some real people, none of whom are known paedophiles; what a refreshing change!  First time in 50 YEARS! :)

Obviously, for those outside the UK, perhaps an explanation of the first minute or two (jokes about the weather; today, the UK papers, are full of the fact that another KNOWN PAEDO, just so happens to PRESENT THE WEATHER ON TV. Yes, yes! Lap-sitting Paedo's on Saturday night for 20 years, and also, your weather, nightly, by another (this time alleged) Paedo.

UK; lovely lovely. If you come on holiday, we suggest you leave the kids behind, clearly they're not safe, like in The Netherelands, where the TOP CHILD RAPIST IN EUROPE, is still sat happy, NOT EVEN ARRESTED, despite the MOUNTAINS and MOUNTAINS of evidence - the testimony from top spies and policemen, that he not only travels on false passports to Turkey, for a bit of child rape, he takes his friends. Joris Demmink; you will die in Prison, let us be clear.

That's of course, if one of your victims doesn't simply shoot you first; as had to happen with the last paedo in power in The Netherlands; a nation ruled by child traffickers, which now has the prospect of losing the ICJ from it's shores; DESERVEDLY.

Queen Beatrix; what a wicked, wicked, wicked web you weave.  Is that you on the line? lol


The White Rabbit!


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