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#DOCUMENTARY Most Secret Country In The World #BRITAIN

An excellent documentary done by UK Comedian/Political Film-Maker, Mark Thomas!  Watch it, you won't regret it; Britain's Secret Underground Bases & Secret Cold War Nuclear Continuity of Government exposed ... All rather hilariously, by one of the TV presenters, AFAWCT, who has never had his penis near a child.  How amazing; yes, yes!  We have found one! lol

"Published on Dec 25, 2012


The tunnels referred to are at CORSHAM in Wiltshire [south east of Bath] are known as "BURLINGTON" : Secret Bunker.

[There are two entrances - one being in the tunnel itself and one right next to the tunnel mouth (Corsham end)]

The complex of tunnels are located under RAF Rudloe Manor. The 35 (thirty-five) acre subterranean Cold War City lies 100 feet beneath Corsham. It was built in the late 1950s as a massive city complex designed ONLY to safely house up to 4,000 central Government personnel in the event of a NUCLEAR strike.

In a former Bath stone quarry the (Secret)City, code named "BURLINGTON", was to be the site of the main Emergency Government War Headquarters - the hub of the Country's alternative seat of power outside London.

Over a kilometre in length, and boasting over 60 miles of roads, the underground site was designed not only to accommodate the than Conservative Prime Minister, Harold MacMillan, but the entire Cabinet Office, civil servants and an army of domestic support staff.

The site was so secret that many of the civil servants, who had been allocated a desk at "BURLINGTON" had no knowledge of it.

Blast proof and completely self-sufficient the secret underground site could accommodate up to 4,000 people, in complete isolation from the outside world, for up to 3 (three) months.

Although never actually used, the New York grid-style city of roads and avenues was equipped with all the facilities needed to survive. From underground hospitals, canteens, kitchens and laundries to storerooms of supplies, accommodation areas and offices.

An underground lake and treatment plant could provide all the drinking water needed whilst 12 huge tanks could store the fuel required to keep the four massive generators, in the underground power station, running for up to 3 (three) months. And unlike most urban cities, above ground, the air within the complex could also be kept at a constant humidity and heated to around 20 degrees.

The city was also equipped with the second largest telephone exchange in Britain, a BBC studio from which the PM could address the nation and an internal Lamson Tube system that could relay messages, using compressed air, throughout the complex.

For 30 years Burlington was in operation but at the end of the Cold War, in 1991, the still un-used city complex was finally taken over by the MOD and kept on standby in case of future nuclear threats to the UK.

In Central London there is a vast underground tunnel network that links Parliament through to the (Cabinet War Rooms) Treasury, FCO, Downing Street, MOD through to the Citadel [overlooking Horse Guards Parade (official entrance to Buckingham Palace)] and on to Buckingham Palace to Victoria Station - all underground!

[All at Taxpayers expense - but not for use by Taxpayers!]

[Also look up the ROTOR Nuclear Bunker at KELVEDEN Hatch]

Here Mark THOMAS shows the SECRECY of BRITAIN that becomes open to ridicule/mocking.
Total lack of joined-up thinking. Need to review the legislation on all these issues."

The White Rabbit!


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