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#SILVER Keiser Offers Silver Rounds #GATA #METALS #GOLD

Here we go folks!   The Silver Liberation Army marches on!  Massive Metals Update! :~)


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Keiser offers silver rounds to protest occupation by bankers
Submitted by cpowell on Sat, 2012-12-29 21:53. Section: Daily Dispatches

4:50p ET Saturday, December 29, 2012

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold (and Silver):

Journalistic provocateur Max Keiser of Russia Today’s “The Keiser Report” has partnered with the Northwest Territorial Mint to strike another blow against the monetary metals price suppression scheme, together offering 1-ounce silver rounds engraved in the name of the “Global Insurrection Against Banker Occupation.” Foremost among those bankers, of course, is J.P Morgan Chase & Co. “These bullion rounds,” the mint says, “will serve as investment, conversation piece, and political statement all at once” — maybe the sort of political statement that can get you accused of counterfeiting just when habeas corpus happens to be suspended.

But then if you’re receiving these dispatches you already may be on a few “national security” lists, so there’s probably no extra harm in taking a look:

CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer
Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc."

Plus on other news; the BANKSTES' BANKSTERS, are racking and stacking, just as fast as they can!

"Central Banks Accelerated Gold Buying In 2012 To Protect Against Global Economic Turmoil

Central banks spent 2012 boosting their gold reserves in a bid to protect assets from global economic turmoil.

National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) said Friday it raised the percentage of gold in its reserves this year to 7.72 percent from 4.36 percent a year ago.

Since the beginning of 2012, the amount of monetary gold in Ukraine’s international reserves had increased by 25.5 percent, or 230,000 troy ounces, to 1.13 million troy ounces, as of the beginning of December 2012, the NBU said in a statement.

The bank said it is boosting its gold reserves “to avoid the negative impact of the global crisis on the economic development of the country as it … works on diversifying the components of international reserves in Ukraine.”

Meanwhile, Brazil doubled its gold holdings in two months, buying 17.2 metric tons in October and 14.7 metric tons in November.

The International Monetary Fund said earlier this month that in August and September Iraq increased its gold reserves to 31.07 metric tons from 5.8 metric tons.

In the third quarter, according to the World Gold Council (WGC), the world's central banks bought a total 97.6 metric tons of gold.

In six out of the last seven quarters, central bank demand has been around 100 metric tons, which is a sharp increase from as recently as 2010, the bank said in a statement, adding that through the third quarter of this year, total central bank buying was up 9 percent.

“Gold is beginning to re-establish itself as part of the fabric of the financial system. In the medium term, the quantitative easing ... "


And of course, in Asia, they're starting the clampdown:

"Vietnam Continues Gold Market Clamp Down 
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The Clampdown in Vietnamese Gold Market

Vietnam continues its gold market clampdown, of which much more is to be expected worldwide. News of regulation has swirled around Vietnam in recent weeks, and just yesterday, the State Bank of Vietnam said that more than 2,000 storefronts will qualify for trading gold bars through the nation under new rules designed to regulate the country’s booming gold market. Those 2,000 storefronts, however, are comprised of only seventeen banks and 14 companies, the only companies to be granted licenses to trade gold bars in 2013.

So, I guess we failed to free hearts and minds back in ’75?

Always Stackin’"

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