Thursday, 27 December 2012

#SANDYHOOK Adam Lanza's Psychiatrist #PSYCHIATRY *EXPOSED*

I could write so much about this video, but some videos need no introduction, they just need to be listened to by every last human, including psychiatrists, on planet earth today.  Will you give the Sandy Shooters Psychiatrist just 18 minutes of your time?

You see, she has an incredibly important message, and it's for the ENTIRE WORLD. Listen good; we back up 100% everything said by this INCREDIBLE HUMAN!  She's in the league of Thomas Szasz, for those of you who understand who he is, and why, oh, why, his contribution to psychiatry, is so important.  In fact, thinking about it, we're going Thomas Szasz video hunting for you; we've watched most of them, and will bring the best, as ever, to Operation Occupy The Banks!  

I am Adam Lanza's Doctor - by Rima E. Laibow, MD.

"Published on 23 Dec 2012 Dr. Rima has been a Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist and physician for 42 years. In that time not only has she never written a prescription to medicate a patient using any pharmaceutical drug, she has treated many, many people like Adam Lanza.
In this video she talks about why school shootings and other massacres involve these dangerous psychiatric drugs and why this tragedy must stop. She includes a list of tools for treatment which make the use of these deadly drugs totally unnecessary.

Take the vital Action Item now at once for each member of your family and then share it was widely as possible with your contacts, helping to motivate them to do the same.

NOTE: As the disclaimer at the end of the video makes clear, Dr. Rima has treated people LIKE Adam Lanza but was not his psychiatrist. If she had been, he would not have been on any drugs!"

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