Friday, 21 December 2012


Pete Santilli; in the Internet Radio Host Wars, this guy has stepped up to say a few of the things, that others haven't said, or some might suggest, are taking pay, not to say, namely: it's time to start shooting. In this episode, Pete talks to Ben Swann, about Sandy Hook Elementary School psy-opps, and much, much more!

Of course, we, being based in the EU, could never, for legal reasons, encourage anyone, anywhere, to use violence. We would just like to remind Americans however, that they have a CONSTITUTIONAL LEGAL RIGHT to use FORCE, including DEADLY FORCE, to remove a TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT, of course, you can be sure, within days or weeks, that provision will be removed from the books, thus leaving anyone thinking of doing so, a TERRORIST.

Perhaps one year ago, there was still some hope that the legal system might just fix the MAFIA TAKEOVER OF AMERICA problem.  The recent HSBC judgement makes it totally plain, the LEGAL SYSTEM IS TOTALLY BROKEN, too.  We might not be able to say it.  Pete did.  We think it's time you started to listen to people who really are telling you the necessary truths

Every day longer delayed now, is just another day, they stack the bullets higher, the roadblocks in more places, the watch-towers, in more shopping centers.  Sit there, and WATCH THE ENEMY SURROUND YOU IF YOU WANT.  Pete Santilli understands YOU ARE WASTING TIME, and you are giving the TACTICAL ADVANTAGE to your ENEMY; the ENEMY THAT WILL SLAUGHTER YOU, as they have made it PERFECTLY PLAIN to ANYONE not in denial, is the case. Sit and feel scared if you must; it is scary.  Stand, if you don't want to DIE IN THE DIRT, like so, so many before.

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