Wednesday, 26 December 2012


Time to get the creative juices flowing, for what your plan for your surthrival (thriving not just surviving)  is going to look like.  Whether it's a pot on the back step, a window box, or (as we'll show over the days ahead, a window garden), it's time to realise they elite our out to create starvation, and if you don't look out for yourself, you can be sure your unfriendly local and national thieves, busy shoveling every last cent into the back pockets of the bent Genocide Generals and the BANKSTERS, have no plans to rescue you.  In fact, they have a billion odd bullets stacked up; DUM DUM bullets.  Look it up; you can see how highly illegal they are to use, save in URBAN WARFARE.  Nice.

Onto more practical things; like how to stay alive when food stamps get cancelled.

The White Rabbit!


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