Friday, 28 December 2012

#OBAMA Sheep in Wolves Clothing - Oliver Stone #INTERVIEW

Truth will out: Obama is a Sheep in Wolves Clothing ... Take it from a man who knows a little about REAL history, as opposed to that bullshit, they brainwash you with, at school. ;)

"Published on Dec 28, 2012 RT's Abby Martin sits down with Academy Award Winning Director, Oliver Stone, and Historian Peter Kuznick, to talk about US foreign policy and the Obama administration's disregard for the rule of law."

Next up; the REAL TERRORISTS, call the people calling for a RETURN to HONESTY and MORALITY, yes yes, Occupy, Terrorists!

It may take us an hour or two to get the page live, because of course, true to form, we're going to make sure anyone who touches the page, is left in NO DOUBT WHATSOEVER who is REALLY a TERRORIST, and that would of course be, the FBI HEAD, and the LEAD CRIMINAL COVER-UP agent, for the NEW WORLD ORDER 911 FALSE FLAG EVENT.  And we're publishing VIDEO PROOF.  

We do hope someone in law enforcement outside of America, gets with the program, and gets this TERRORIST extradited to stand trial for the WAR CRIMES he's committed; including in particular, the covering up of a MILITARY COUP in America.  Yes, Yes!  Robert S. Mueller, III, that's YOU we're talking about, and you know it, don't you.  No wonder you want us all locked up labelled as TERRORISTS, when in fact, as the world outside of America increasingly understands, YOU ARE ONE OF THE WORLD LEADING TERRORISTS.  And of course, we're providing PROOF.

Do get hold of your local HONEST law enforcement personnel, and get them up to our next page, when published.  The video may be all you need to obtain that extradition warrant. ;)

HO HO HO.  Merry Christmas Robert S. Meuller, III.  We do hope you enjoyed your last one free. ;)

The White Rabbit!


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