Saturday, 22 December 2012

#NDAA Interned Japanese-Americans' Children File #LAWSUIT #LEGAL

Here we go.  The Japanese-Americans get the FEMA CAMPS, even if the Americans, don't yet.



NDAA Lawsuit Brief Filed By Children Of Japanese-Americans Interned During World War II 

"The children of Japanese-Americans whose internment during World War II was upheld by the infamous Supreme Court ruling Korematsu v. United States are stepping into a new legal battle over whether the military can indefinitely detain American citizens.

Writing that their parents "experienced first-hand the injustice resulting from a lack of searching judicial scrutiny," the children of Fred Korematsu and other Japanese-Americans who were interned filed a brief on Monday in support of a lawsuit against the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012. Critics say the law allows the military to lock Americans away without trial merely on suspicion of support for terrorist organizations.

"During WWII, President Roosevelt essentially issued the military a 'blank check,'" Korematsu's children wrote in a friend-of-the-court brief. The military's orders, "to which the Court uncritically deferred, culminated in the internment. In reviewing the NDAA’s new detention provision, the courts cannot afford to mimic the wartime Supreme Court’s failure."


Onto more useful information, as we all know the system is so broken and bought over there, that there's NO HOPE through recourse to talking in THEIR OWNED COURTS. Truth is tuff. Now, onto the BROKEN MARKETS. Yes yes: 2012 In Review ... Including:


"Welcome to Capital Account. Today is the end date of the ancient Mayan Long Count calendar, which some believe marks the end of civilization. Well, since the world hasn't ended yet, we take the opportunity to reflect on this year's economic trends and what they might mean for 2013. We talk to Dave Collum, a Cornell chemistry professor known for his financial "Annual Year in Review," about what may lie ahead in the coming New Year. He writes the review every December, and this year he covers everything from broken markets to broke students saddled with ever-increasing debt. The report, released today, is available on Chris Martenson's website:
Plus, US House Republicans canceled a vote on John Boehner's fiscal cliff proposal, with headlines proclaiming "Political Disarray Hits Stocks." But is this just white noise? We talk to Dave Collum about signs of a broken market that go beyond the day to day news.

And the growth of student loans has far outpaced the growth of household debt (less student loans). Student loans have soared over the past decade, from 200 billion dollars in 2000 to over one trillion dollars today, surpassing US credit card debt. Meanwhile wages have stagnated, and unemployment persists in the high single digits. We talk to Dave Collum about the causes leading to the rapid escalation of college costs.

Also, we received some strong responses to our Car2Go CEO interview this week. Lauren responds to your comments, both good and bad, in today's "Viewer Feedback.""

And some breaking news from Europe:

CHAOS EUROZONE Italian PM Mario Monti resigns! :)

The White Rabbit!

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