Monday, 24 December 2012

#LECTURE The Economy is Going To Implode #ECONOMICS

Excellent lecture; of course, within the first minute, we can only say there is one error; it's not thirty seconds that your average American can concentrate; it's two minutes, thirty four seconds; check out our June Stats; facts, are facts, and on a sample size of around 500,000 views, they no lie.  Drop the aspartame and fake food, people; start to learn to think again.  It's the ONLY way!

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Of course, we disagree with her idea that gold is fiat money; we understand what she's trying to say, but unfortunately, we disagree with the blending of this terminology.  She fundamentally misunderstands the nature of Fiat currency, as a GOVERNMENT BACKED (by guns), LEGAL TENDER.  One that costs almost NOTHING to produce, and can be produced to infinity.  Just try applying that test to GOLD, and you'll soon realise, there's a BIG difference between Gold as money, and paper as money.  Other than that, this one seems a real treat.

HARD RESET - interview with Ann Barnhardt

The White Rabbit!


Published on Nov 8, 2012

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"The Economy Is Going To Implode, on DVD (Run time: 2:36:28) Please visit:

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