Wednesday, 26 December 2012

#Keshe Fondazione - Intervista con il Signor Keshe #ITALIANO Sottotitoli

Intervista con il signor MT Keshe, Scienziato iraniano, tutto italiano i sottotitoli! Per tutti i miei cari amici e seguaci in Italia! Prendiamo questo fatto! :)

#CONFERENZA STAMPA @ Montichaiari #KESHE (15/12/12)

And a note to my friend Richard D. Hall, do note, I was right, ANTI-GRAVITY is NONSENSE.  Now will you consider using my suggested alternative, ACCURATE, depiction! Gravity SHIELDING technology.... I'm only at 8minutes in BTW, maybe he gives more details, and we can settle on a third, wholly accurate phraseology, if gravity shielding, is also found wanting!

"Published on Nov 11, 2012

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MT Keshe
Mehran Tavakoli Keshe is an Iranian-born nuclear engineer[1][2] known for his research on plasma reactors[3][4] and for his claim that he pioneered the advanced space technology used by Iran that resulted in the subdue and capture of a US drone in December of 2011 near the Iran-Afghanistan border. This claim remains unconfirmed by both US and Iranian sources[5][6]. He is an author of three books which explain his corrective view on principles[7] and the fundamentals of matter[2].
First book, July 2009 "The Universal Order of Creation of MATTERS"[2][8][7](ISBN 978-94-6087-001-9)
Second book, February 2011 "The Structure of the Light"[9] (ISBN 978-94-6087-003-3)
Third book, October 2011 "The Origin of the Universe". (ISBN 978-94-6087-000-2) "

Update: 6th January 2012

The White Rabbit!


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