Thursday, 27 December 2012

#JIMROGERS No Reason For Govt #Metals Price #MANIPULATION

It's rare Jim Rogers gets it wrong, so rare in fact, that we feel he's not stating what he truly knows in this interview; a sign of the times after the 'hit and run' on Andrew McGuire, for daring to blow the whistle on the blatant Silver Price Manipulation of JP Morgan; the GLOBAL CRIME SYNDICATE.  If he's saying the metals needed to correct, and that's good for the inevitable continuing bull (inevitable, until the printing presses, stop running), we wholeheartedly agree!

Jim Rogers "No Reason for Government To Manipulate Precious Metals" (ho ho!)

"Lexi8888 4 days ago  I respect Jim Rogers, however, he evidently needs to talk less and pay more attention to what happens in the metals markets on a regular basis. I am surprised he would say there is no reason for the Gov to manipulate the PM's?! Not as smart as I used to think he was.
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thefink68 4 days ago  In one sentence he says the Indian government is looking to restrict gold imports. Then in the next he says governments have no reason to manipulate gold. That makes no sense."

Gold Market Manipulation Explained

"metaphysikonline 2 hours ago Hi silverfuturist! Are you familiar with the work of Dimitri Speck? I highly recommend this guy. He has proven that pm-manipulation is a fact. Unfortunately his book is written in German. But please watch the interview in English with Lars Schall on Youtube!"

We oblige above! ;)

Of course, we've been on this particular CRIME, since almost day one:

The White Rabbit!


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