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Published on Dec 29, 2012

This is how I see it. Regardless of the extent of the disaster (which was known according to FOIA docs from the NRC, TEPCO, and MEXT -- which provided data directly to the Japanese Government and in turn the US, China, and Russia) the US Navy did NOT follow their own procedure and protocol. How do I know this? Because I read their protocol. It is attached below in the pdf.

Anytime a population, civilian or military, is faced with the possibility of contamination from nuclear fallout, you assume worst-case scenario until proven otherwise. If the fallout turns out to be a false alarm, you have lost nothing. But if it is true and you didnt mitigate for it, well then you end up with people bleeding out of their asses a year the situation we have now.

Here is a show I did on Wide Awake News 6 weeks ago about my own health problems and radioactive contamination (which unfortunately includes bleeding out of my ass, thyroid problems and immune sytem dysfunction, all since 3/11), and I live in Michigan:

To the sailors: Don't stop with just suing Japan.

To the lawyers: Don't stop at just representing sailors...entire north america has been affected.

Navy PDF of decontamination protocol:

RadChick's page on facebook:


Recent news at these links:

"Radiation sickness can cause bleeding from the nose, mouth, gums, and rectum. It can cause people to bruise easily and to bleed internally as well -- and even to vomit blood. The problems occur because radiation depletes the body of platelets, the cellular fragments in the blood that are form clots to control bleeding.
Dealing with radiation or heavy metal poisoning is tricky to say the least. Some people can manage massive amounts of it with no ill effects, others can't. The severity of symptoms and illness (acute radiation sickness) depends on the type and amount of radiation, how long you were exposed, and which part of the body was exposed. Symptoms of radiation sickness may occur immediately after exposure, or over the next few days, weeks, or months. Not everyone is going to die or even get sick from a given level of exposure."

Learn more: "

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