Wednesday, 26 December 2012


Sometimes, when the psy-opps get thick on the ground, and the info/disinfo war gets so hot, even The White Rabbit struggles to see the wheat from the chaff, it time to go to the original source, and pick up the story, from the beginning. This, is the beginning. The beginning of at least this round in the battle for YOUR MIND. Now then, to be clear, we don't even own a TV (we suggest you bin yours too, it's not necessarily what ON the TV folks, it's what COMES OUT OF IT, that's the problem; see our long and detailed series of on this, starting out with the Finnish Ex-Minister for Health EXPOSE), and thus we have never even heard of Miss Tila, suffice to say, it seems this very brave lady, is the lady, in this very video, that started the now what is fast becoming an avalanche of information about the Alex Jones Show, and it's connections to the KNOWN CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE, Stratfor.


Dare you continue down this particular rabbit hole?

October 1st 2012 - Miss Tila Vlog Update

October 3rd 2012 - Miss Tila On Alex Jones Show & Plans DC Protest

"Published on Oct 3, 2012


UPDATE: I have been banned from Facebook by the Government. Please go look at my latest video to find out what happened here:
Please bookmark my website as I will be opening a forum soon so everyone who wants to join our March can come!
xoxox -Miss Tila "

4th October 2012 - Tila Censored by Gvoernment

"Published on Oct 4, 2012


also I have enabled for you guys to download this video so please download it and upload to your accounts! and go look at my FB page here:

UDATE PLEASE READ: I have changed the settings so that now YOU ALL CAN DOWNLOAD THIS VIDEO! SO PLEASE DOWNLOAD IT AND UPLOAD IT TO ALL YOUR CHANNELS!!!! They are taking away our freedom and continuing to control us! The CIA owns FB so it is Government property so this is beyond just about FB banning me for 30 days. It is the fact that the GOV is taking away all of our rights. I need your help to please repost this video on all of your pages and spread the word. Every bit counts. Also please be sure to tell everyone to TUNE IN OCTOBER 4th (Tomorrow) at starting at 12pm-1pm central to watch my live interview with Alex Jones! Now that FB has treated me this way I am REALLY going to expose them and what I have known about them for so many years! This is why they are scared of me and constantly try to "KILL ME" Thanks guys I appreciate everyones support. Again I am doing all of this for you so help me help you! Together we can win! The fact that the big boys are so afraid of lil 'ol me says A LOT! "

5th October 2012 - Proof Tila Was Once Again Set Up by The Others

6th October 2012 - Tila Provides Proof Exposing The Illuminati

Published on Oct 6, 2012

UPDATE: THE "OTHERS" HACKED AND DELETED MY BLOG WHERE I POSTED UP ALL THE PROOF REGARDING WHAT I SAID IN THIS VIDEO! GO TO MY NEW WEBSITE (WHICH THEY ALSO TRIED TO TAKE DOWN BUT I PUT IT BACK) HERE IT IS: is only the beginning. Please, please, please if you want to find out more truths I am about to unleash, then please subscribe to my mailing list at:

this way you can keep in touch with me and also know when my official Truth Blog at will be launching as well as subscribe to my youtube channel. These are dire times that causes for extreme measures!

All of the proof I have posted on my website so go there now to see for yourself! Also please dont' forget to continue reposting everything everywhere as much as you can!!!! "

7th October 2012 - I Almost Got Killed By The Others

"Published on Oct 7, 2012

Tila Army I need your help! Shit is getting serious and "THE OTHERS" just tried to murder me tonight!!! Please please please repost and let everyone know!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could have died TONIGHT!!!!! Please! REPOST! THEY TRIED TO MURDER ME TONIGHT!!!! PRAY FOR ME! PS-I ALSO SET UP THE VIDEO SO YOU CAN DOWNLOAD IT AND UPLOAD IT ON ALL OF YOUR WEBSITES AND CHANNELS!!"

The White Rabbit!


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