Wednesday, 26 December 2012

#DOCUMENTARY The Great Deception - Obama & Coming Nuke #WAR

The premise of this film is clearly correct in our view: the trillionaires want your land, your house, and no longer need your labour; GENOCIDE WAR PROFITS are back, BIG TIME.  Only the foolish, or the willfully deluded cannot see the way the pawns are being moved around the board to engender the crisis, which will allow the Mass Media (mainstream) to deluded the masses (for the third time) into backing a COMPLETELY ILLEGAL WAR; this time, unlike the first two world wars, not a war sold 'To end all wars', but certainly, a war to END ALL HUMAN LIFE ON EARTH.  Of course, as this site has been mercilessly attempting to tell you; the FAKE FINANCIAL CRISIS is ENGINEERED to CREATE WAR!  A war in which the rich will not fight, in which the children of the rich will evade their responsibility to fight, and in which you, and your family, and your friends, will die! Onto the documentary, of course, not produced by the mainstream media, exposing this:  

The White Rabbit!


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