Saturday, 22 December 2012


"U.N. Report Reveals Secret Law Enforcement Techniques for Decrypting Online Communications
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By JG Vibes
December 20, 2012
A new UN report gives some insight into new techniques that law enforcement is using to spy on suspects and activists.

This information is especially useful for people who want to stay off the radar as much as possible while online.
Many of the people caught in these situations were legitimately violent groups, but you can be sure that these same tactics are being used against peaceful activists as well.
Hacker10 writes:
“Buried inside a recent United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime report titled “Use of Internet for Terrorist Purposes” one can carve out details and examples of law enforcement electronic surveillance techniques that are normally kept secret.
The report includes real accounts of investigative techniques countering terrorist groups secure communication systems.”
Some of the most important points covered in the report are as follows:  

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