Thursday, 20 December 2012


HSBC:  trading with the enemy; terrorists.

We've been telling you and telling you:  NOW THEY ADMIT!  Of course, this is not the FIFTEEN TRILLION FRAUD (ref: #OpBLACKHEATH) admission (that yes, we WILL get from them ;)), but nevertheless, it's very, very significant, because we've now nailed them for MARKET RIGGING RATES MANIPULATION (LIBOR), DRUG-CARTEL MONEY LAUNDERING, and now, yes oh yes, we can add TERRORIST FINANCING!

"All of the major British banks now are now inveigled in these enormous scandals, but it does#t look like any of the major banks are going to get indicted for this ..."

A victory for #OTB? You decide!  Over to Matt Taibbi for a moment! ;)

So; depends on what are YOU going to do about it?  Low level traders arrested, yet of course: HSBC now proven by admission to be the bank singly the most responsible for heroin addiction, cocaine addiction and DEATHS FROM TERRORISM WORLDWIDE.  Sit there like SLAVES if you will?


Your local politician, and your local prosecutor may have been bought off (we of course, couldn't possibly comment); we predict one thing.  When the legal system won't deal with criminals, it's inevitable, over time, the people, will start to deal with the legal system, and the TERRORISTS, across the world, sat in 'Bank' branches, ones with HSBC written above the door:  When the MAFIA IS THE BANK, like in our BAHRAIN coverage; it doesn't look good: not when you take a peek around at what is happening elsewhere, where the law protects the guilty, and tortures the righteous!   Dare you?



If we happen to pass by when someone is just about to throw a Molotov cocktail through the door of a branch of HSBC will we stop them (mere presence not being enough to commit a crime, in this jurisdiction)?  Will anyone that sees what happens, come forwards to help the authorities, busy helping the criminals maintain their high street presence, across the planet?

Law enforcement, and legal authorities across the West have given their answer: organised crime can have your Town, unmolested by the small problem of having to comply with the law.  Some of us, have gone to hell and back over this issue; I am one of them.  Enough, the authroties have had their chance; have chosen not to do their duty.  

Now, like in Bahrain, it is down to the good people across the West, to decide.  

We did warn people, on this very blog, that if the authotiries get into bed with organised crime, as they so clearly have, that makes them no authorities at all, iin the eyes of the people they claim jurisdiction over.  The die is now set.  We hope it doesn't happen, but we deeply suspect by these COWARDLY DECISIONS, the prosecutors taken them, have just ignited a fireball across the world. 

All I know for sure right now, is I'd hate to have to spend all day sat inside a HSBC branch.

The solution is of course to PEACEFULLY wake away DIGITALLY from the BANKSTERS; everything you need to know, plus the way to do it WITHOUT ONE PENNY DOWN, all appearing daily from now on on: ENUF!

The White Rabbit!



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