Thursday, 27 December 2012

#BANKSTERS Gideon Goes for Pensions (And We're LAUGHING)

Banksters' minion Gideon strikes a stake through the hearts of British Pensioners worldwide!

Yes yes!  You didn't stop the RAPE of the NATION and SHOVELLING of YOUR FAILURES and YOUR FAILED INVESTMENTS in the banks, onto the SHOULDERS of your CHILDREN and your GRANDCHILDREN, did you?  Quite happy to RAPE YOUR CHILDREN'S FUTURE, to not lose a penny of your own wealth!  Ethical, hey!  Quite happy, cheered on, as generations of debt were poured onto the UNBORN, and your children.  And so know, when you did not defend your children, you gave a LOUD AND CLEAR message to the Chancellor; COME ROB US.

And do you know what...  Your children, are rather pleased.

After all, you were quite happy to load up your children with debt for their educations, whilst you got yours for free.  You were quite happy to see TENS of THOUSANDS of debt, dumped on them; you said NOTHING.  And so now, we shall walk past you in the DIRT, where you're heading.

BTW, the word you were looking for, but never found, was solidarity.  Solidarity, the honest, against the CRIMINAL CROOKS RUNNING THE BANKING SYSTEM, and RAPING EVERYONE.  BTW, the self-education you never gave yourself, that your children have taken from the Net, is right here down the right hand side of Operation Occupy The Banks; check out our BANKSTER BRIEFINGS, and really, you need the START, because you're clearly FREAKING DELUSIONAL about WHO is doing all of this, and WHY.  Maybe, just maybe, once you are up to speed with the FAKE FIAT MAGIK TRIX DEPT, you might support those younger than yourselves, seeking HONESTY in FINANCIAL MARKETS, and HONESTY, in politics.

We're not going to hold our breath.  No doubt, the moment the BANKSTERS MINIONS tell you 'Chemical Weapons', you'll be voting your children off to DIE IN IRAN, just like you did, for AFGHANISTAN, and IRAQ.  And you wonder why we no visit so often.  So now you know. ;)

We hope, whilst we were campaigniing THROUGHOUT the summer, you enjoyed the Olympics.  You certainly are going to start paying for it now.  And we did warn you.  Bye Bye Pensioners; early graves for you, perhaps soon, you'll even start to get this is ALL BY DESIGN, you IDIOTS!


"...According to the Office for Budget Responsibility, the CPI over the coming decades will be about 1.4 percentage points lower than the RPI. This might not sound a great deal; but the incremental effect will amount to a difference of many thousands of pounds in the pension someone will receive during their retirement. In total, the Department for Work and Pensions estimates that inflation switching could cost private pensioners more than £73 billion.

Still, there was one saving grace: government bonds remained linked to the RPI, and since pension funds invested heavily in those, savers were at least getting some benefit of the higher inflation measure.

You can just guess what’s coming next, can’t you? Next month, a report from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) is to be published on the future of the RPI. The ONS has carried out a brief and not very well publicised consultation on a number of options, including whether and how to bring it more into line with the CPI. Doing so would save George Osborne £3 billion a year in interest – and hammer yet another nail into the coffin of private pensions, especially those still linked to the RPI. It would also cut the returns on the £18 billion worth of inflation-linked policies which have been sold by National Savings and Investments.

This really makes sense, doesn’t it? We are living longer; we are massively in debt as a nation; we cannot afford to care for our elderly: what better time than now to mess up our pensions even more? After decades of debt-fuelled consumer bingeing, we need to encourage young people to save; and to that end the Government has introduced a system of automatic pension enrolment. But you can opt out – and if you can’t trust the government to stick to the deal that you started with, why would you want to join up?

Millions of investors have taken decisions about their futures based on the continuation of the RPI. Pensions, by their very nature, are all about long-term planning; so the integrity of government indexation is crucial. If the goal posts can simply be moved around the pitch at the whim of a chancellor, it is hardly surprising that confidence in a system which just 15 years ago was lauded as the envy of the world is now shot to pieces.

The savers of Britain are justifiably fed up with the larcenous manipulation of the value of their nest eggs."

UPDATE; the deaths are already starting:

The White Rabbit!

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