Monday, 31 December 2012

#BANKSTERS Abeel -v- Bank of America #BAC #BANKING #LAW

Not sure where we came across this legal pleading. Will update once we've worked it out, meantime, as it's been a while since has been able to upload to we will bring you a few treats today! :)

Abeel v Bank of America Etal Trillions 4 12
Do note we have some concern this may be a false case designed to make you relax (pending a bit of digging), connected or the same FALSE case as this one DOXED here:

#WHOIS SPIRE LAW LLP #43Trillion LAW #DarkCabal TRIX

What, you didn't know the CRIMINALS play these legal FRAUDS, too?  You need to be clever, because they sometimes get the best of us: they even had us for a month or two (or longer!) on the USD $43 Trillion lawsuit, which seems to be a total pile or horseshit, and which of course, MARKETWATCH published .... Just so you know who is IN ON THE CRIMINAL GAMES:

The White Rabbit!


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