Wednesday, 26 December 2012

#ANTARCTIC Deep Underground Military Base #EXOPOLITICS

We've just come across this video which shows "Uploaded on Jul 3, 2011".  Of course, in the intervening time, many are more aware of the potential exopolitical connection in the South Pole.  US Navy records still apparently classified, some almost fifty years since the alleged battle between Aliens and the US Navy down in the Antarctic.  

The depiction of the underground base entrance seems pretty convincing to us, and that's only one tiny part of this phenomenally interesting video.  To add colour to the conspiracy, we note the video originally referenced in the notes (see below), has been removed.  Dare you?

Uploaded on Jul 3, 2011

Sorry about the abrupt ending,lol.My battery ran out,not good.But watch 100sevgilim latest upload to complete the story.What a find he has made.You must watch his vid to complete my vid. "

The White Rabbit!


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