Saturday, 29 December 2012

#ANONYMOUS Massive Anon Video Release #ANON UPDATE

And simply HUGE Anonymous video update! Dare you?

Anonymous - The Singularity Project 2013 (Project Mayhem Has Begun) Message Concerning the Future

Project Mayhem #Code TYLER Engage [Anonymous Sacramento]

Published on Dec 22, 2012

Project Mayhem #Code TYLER Engage [Anonymous Sacramento]
Code Tyler, is a database that is being built, about the corruption in Governments. It is like Wikileaks but it is much more potent, to give greater transparency in Government, since they wish to refuse accountability, and hide things from the people.

It is made with the purpose that those who step foot into office may be honorable to their service, or not volunteer to begin with. As Governments all subsist off of the fruit of their people, they are created to serve and protect their people and the ideals that those people have established.

Because it is Wiki-Based anyone can add their own articles, and sources. If you are fighting corruption in your area then you can take the documents, and format them to PDF etc, source all your data can be uploaded it to Tyler.

Everything from court documents, to surveillance footage of officers and servants sworn under oath committing Treason.

As more articles and information is added, streamlined access to history of corruption will be accessible by search, and regions etc etc. The purpose again is not to destroy Government but to create transparency, and hold elected officials accountable for their actions in the use of the Good Substance of the people.

Anonymous - Project Mayhem Exposing the lies and drama of secret societies

Anonymous- #Operation Reform - Message Concerning the Philippines Government Corruption

"Published on Dec 25, 2012


Good day Philippines.
We are anonymous. First off, before we continue, I would like to state some facts about anonymous. Anonymous is not a group. It is not a person. Anonymous is an idea. Anonymous is an ideology that everyone acts as one person, and everyone can be anonymous. Anonymous fights for freedom of information, change and patriotism.

On the month of February, Anonymous shall hold an event like no other -- OPReform.

Families and friends have always gathered on times of need. And now, we all need to gather as the children of the Philippines and as brothers and sisters.

Dear citizens, I wish that you would be more vigilant in voting for your hero. We have a lot of mistakes over the years. Many of us cry out, many of us plea and many of us suffer, but we cannot truly be heard out if we won't ever act as one.
Also, would you want to have another reign of terror? Another 4-6 years of crying and shouting at the government? Citizens, please know that all of the changes we all desire starts from within us. Be illuminated, be weary, and be knowledgeable that 500 to 1000 pesos bribe are not enough for another year of terror.
Would you use the money to buy drugs, alcohol? Or would you use the money to help a relative? Would you use it to gamble? Citizens, the money used to bribe your vote will give you minutes of pleasures, Minutes of happiness, but years of torment.
So please, vote wisely. Search Anonymous over the internet, search what we can achieve together, and search for truth. Join us as we venture into a change that would govern us with happiness.
To the people that do not even vote, how could you say that you are truly a Filipino? How could you say that you are a child of our mother, if you haven't even executed your right to vote? Yes, we have achieved nothing, but shouting in anger through the years. Yes, our votes were garbage and the corrupt still win. But it does not mean you should give up. It does not state, that you will do nothing and just sit down and laugh at the people who have those hope in their eyes.
Please don't give up. Please help us achieve a new reformation- A new action for change.

To the statues and the idols that we call our government, be weary, a new tide is turning. We are anonymous and we will seek change! Yes, you have given what some of the people want. Yes you give your glorious smiles toward the press, and you gallantly say no! But deep inside, who are you? Should we serve you? Or should it be the other way around?

On the month of February, Anonymous shall hold the banner of change and we will stand in front of the offices that torment us, or serve us. We shall show you our power. We shall show you Anonymous!

We are Legion
We Do not Forgive
We Do not Forget
Philippines, Its Citizen. Expect Us"

Anonymous message #OpUCKG

"Published on Dec 22, 2012
World Wide Protest 5th January 2013;u'll be updated,type the Op name to get a facebook link."

Anonymous Message Regarding the New World Order 2012.

Anonymous - I Want To Break Free

"Published on Dec 25, 2012

We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained, it must not break our bonds of affection. The mystic chords of memory will swell when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature.
Abraham Lincoln"

The White Rabbit!


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