Saturday, 29 December 2012

#AMERICA From Revolution, Today's Economic Collapse and After #OWS

We only came across this chap the other day, and we wished almost immediately, that we'd come across him much earlier, because he was hitting nail, after nail, after nail on the head.  It was the sort of talk, almost word for word, we'd have given ourselves, on the subject he was talking about.  This time, rather than a short, here we go, with a full lecture; at 45 minutes long or so.  We can't wait. Listen with us, and listen, with just about everybody you can grab, right now, to listen with you.  We promise, it's bound to be another lucid treat, on the causes, and perhaps even the solutions, to DESIGNED COLLAPSE!  We think due to his wide-rangine knowledge and mind, he might just also be a polymath.

Understanding America - From Revolution, Today's Economic Collapse and After

"Published on Oct 9, 2012

Get some popcorn and a drink. If you can sit through a mindless movie I suggest doing yourself a favor and watch this and understand the reality of America from where we came from to where we are with our Police State, War Machine and Economic collapse and Post Collapse America. A fantastic enlightening discussion about America as it was, America as it is and America as it shall become by Dr. Darryl R. Schoon at
I would recommend you Subscribe to this most intelligent man.
Used with his permission
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