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**AMAZING** #ZEROPOINT Keshe Plasma Generator #PHYSICS

Regular readers of The White Rabbit already know all about the Keshe Foundation, and free energy, and have already listened to the world's first interview with Mr Keshe, many, many months ago.  Now it's time to get these PROVEN TECHNOLOGIES out from the USB sticks and the PATENT office, and into the homes of people worldwide.

The Banksters and their central control systems; along with the POINTLESS OIL WARS of WANT and NEED,  can go FUCK THEMSELVES, right?!! ;)

Now you've seen it for yourself, onto the latest interview with Mr Mehran Keshe!

"Published on Dec 13, 2012

I am pleased to post my interview with Mr Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, director and founder of The Keshe foundation.

My primary reason for contacting him was to get his views about the claims of the late Galen Winsor, a nuclear physicist of renown who worked at, and helped design, nuclear power plants in Hanford, WA; Oak Ridge, TN; Morris, IL, San Jose, CA; Wilmington, NJ. Among his positions of expertise he was in charge of measuring and controlling the nuclear fuel inventory and storage.

Galen Winsor traveled and lectured all over America, spoke on national talk radio, and made several videos exposing the misunderstood issues of nuclear radiation. He shows that fear of radiation has been exaggerated to scare people ... so a few powerful people can maintain total control of the world's most valuable power resource. This lecture was filmed by Ben Williams in 1986.

(note I am listening to this lecture again as I type this and it just stopped at about 48 minutes in...I had to move a bit ahead in the red line to get it to play again... it is important to view the whole video. I downloaded a copy of this so if you can not get the whole lecture to play let me know and I will help you out.)

Mr Keshe has agreed to view this lecture after January 14, 2013. I am very grateful for all of the contributions Mr Keshe is giving to the world! I am also looking forward to Mr Keshe's view of the claims Galen Winsor made.

Here is a link via send space to download my interview with Ben Williams that I did to confirm his relationship and understanding about Galen Winsor, interview conducted in July of 2012:

Description: Ben Williams

Use the following link to retrieve your file:

Click on the blue box with the words "Click here to start download from sendspace" in it. do not click any other download buttons.


Here is a link via send space to download an mp3 file of my interview with Mr Keshe:

Description: Mr Keshe Interview

Use the following link to retrieve the file:

Click on the blue box with the words "Click here to start download from sendspace" in it. DO NOT click any other download buttons!


I would love to hear your views about the Galen Winsor claims and you view of the interview with Mr Keshe.

Thank you and much love to us all, always in all ways!


Published on Nov 6, 2012

Have you heard of M.T. Keshe yet? He is the present day Isaac Newton! Enlightening the world with a new understanding of "Gravity!". :-)

This video has been UPDATED Video ~ Check it out!

****Take Away Point: "Science now understands the fundamental principle behind the creation of gravitational fields."
This is a game-changer that will change all of science and thus all of society. The possibilities are literally endless!

For a full elaboration:
Keshe University - Education for the Future (Introduction)

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Aslo, check out !!!!! It's Epic! :-)

Keshe Foundation Updates:
*****We are proud to announce that today 15.11.2012 the Nation of United States of America has received the USB stick containing all patents and blueprints of nuclear reactor plasma spaceship technology of the Keshe Foundation.

Over 20 nations have received this knowledge and technology.
Now that we have reached the governments that represent over 60 % of the world's population, the Keshe Foundation is not going to wait for the rest of the nations to join, even though they are welcome to receive the technology whenever they ask for it.

And, The December 14th presentation of Begum is canceled due to political issues. Instead the Keshe Foundation is giving a teaching series in Italy:
Our public lectures now moves to different countries and will not be restricted to Belgium and Holland. There are series of lectures planned for 15, 16, 17 and18 December in 4 different cities in Italy. "

The White Rabbit!


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