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**ALERT** #SANDYHOOK Psychological Operation **EXPOSED** #CIA

We have added the videos, and also, crucially, the text accompanying the videos, to this page, otherwise ripped, from the Daily Paul!  Nothing gets past Libertarians, hey! hehe  We would just like to remind you, that we did cover all this, way, way, way back with:

Real Reality TV Really Revealed

As you can see, well now, a good 5 months ago. ;)

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Submitted by zooamerica on Tue, 12/25/2012 - 23:59
in Daily Paul Liberty Forum

Are we all experiencing the, "shift in consciousness," as I type?

Epic FAIL for the production team, director, and the entire staff behind the creation of, "The Sandy Hook Massacre."

Three brilliant videos to check out with some egg nog after a long day.

"This "doc" aka Dr. Creepy aka Dr. Death sounds just like John Goodman"

"It wasn't intent, it was some magnificent thing."

WTF ? Did he really say that? IS THIS REAL?

"Published on Dec 19, 2012

Please be civil in your comments. 

Victoria Soto was a Stratford Grad? Well gosh golly folks... Stratfor is the globes CIA.... Aint dat a coinky dinky! In this video you clearly see that an RIP Vitroria Soto facebook page was created in December 10. Howd that happen?

You will also remember Carlee Soto from her face being plastered on practically EVERY newspaper in the country! Her and Robbie Parker seemed to be doing a nice photo shoot that day....

HSEEP aka SHEEP conducted a drill at that school in Late Sept or Early October AT THE FIREHOUSE! Something is up with all the fire pics as well... There was no fire.


AJ Double Agent

Parker family smiling


Rosen Liar "!

Published on Dec 19, 2012

The original RIP Victoria Soto Facebook Page now only exists on screen-captures.. The Criminal organization known as Facebook has been diligently removing any trace of the original page, WHICH WAS CLEARY DATED DECEMBER 10TH.. 

What a massive screw up it was to have a RIP page dated 4 days before the mass-shooting false flag event, such was the necessity to completely remove it from the internet, or regular people would be asking "Why is this page from before the shooting?" as many people were.

Luckily, I saved some screen-captures using Camstudio to document the fact that the page existed, before it was removed by the criminal mother-fuckers at Facebook.

What I find MOST AMAZING is how SO MANY PEOPLE (sorry, I'm VERY excited) are really questioning the official story!
Not only the number of youtube responses, but the talk on the street...even mainstream am talk radio callers are starting to question what's going on?
And that's a good thing!

The White Rabbit!

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