Thursday, 27 December 2012


The bankster crime syndicates of the CRIMINAL MAFIA WALL STREET, are now seeking to EXCLUDE YOUR LEGAL PROTECTIONS from their CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES in STEALING your HOMES!  And you know, until the legal revolution happens, and the rule of law returns to the West, they'll get them, too!


As regulators complete new mortgage rules, banks are about to get a significant advantage: protection against homeowner lawsuits.
The rules are meant to help bolster the housing market. By shielding banks from potential litigation, policy makers contend that the industry will have a powerful incentive to make higher quality home loans.

But some banking and housing specialists worry that borrowers are losing a critical safeguard. Industries rarely get broad protection from consumer lawsuits, and banks would seem unlikely candidates given the range of abuses revealed during the housing bust.
“A lot of bad things are done in the name of expanding access to credit, as we found out,” said Sheila C. Bair, former chairwoman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and now a senior adviser to the Pew Charitable Trusts.
The legal protection stems from the Dodd-Frank Act, the sweeping regulatory overhaul passed in 2010 to help repair the financial system.
The legislation mandated that loans be affordable, but Congress conceded that banks might fear the legal consequences if the mortgages did not comply. So lawmakers created a type of home loan that would have legal protection, called a “qualified mortgage.” In practice, the protection will make it harder for borrowers to sue their lenders in the case of foreclosure. 

Never forget America; your legal rights begin at the point where you are prepared to die to defend them.  The rest, is just fluff.  They get it in Bahrain; just not yet, in America, it would seem:

#BAHRAIN MOLOTOV ATTACK #Sitra #Police Station

Of course, in Bahrain, they know all about Dick Cheney's attempt to sink a US Warship though, unlike in America, where of course, the SLAVES, still think Dick Cheney a leader in the War on Terror, rather than one of the most identifiable WAR CRIMINALS OF 911.

Oh well, I guess that means more American houses for Dick Cheney and criminal friends, and more of the street, for DUMBSHIT AMERICANS WHO STILL DON'T GET IT:

NO PLANE HIT THE PENTAGON - The FBI (Court ordered released mind; because the FBI is a TERRORIST ORGANISATION TOO, clearly, for HIDING THE TRUTH ABOUT 911) VIDEO PROOF:

Still don't believe your own eyes or the CNN presenters?  Try the video that CLEARLY SHOWS THE PLANE FLYING OVER THE PENTAGON, right here, on Operation Occupy The Banks, of course!

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Don't think you're living under communism?  Fool!  What's this then!

"Dec 27 (Reuters) - Interest rates on U.S. Treasury bills that mature in early January turned negative on Thursday"

Guaranteed lose making investments; the 'safest' investment on planet earth; HO HO HO.

Merry Xmas America; LAND OF THE SLAVES!

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