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It seems 5th February 2012 ... to well now; 3rd November 2012 ... Selected highlights; we love it when we force the MSM to do their jobs <g>

"Man claims he was sexually abused by Tory politician

Steven Messham tells BBC Newsnight that allegations had been 'swept under the carpet' despite three-year inquiry in late 1990ss

Ben Quinn
The Guardian, Saturday 3 November 2012

Steven Messham on BBC Newsnight.

A victim of the sexual abuse at north Wales children's homes in the 1970s has called on the prime minister to launch a fresh investigation into the scandal, claiming that he was sexually assaulted at the time by a former senior Conservative political figure.

Steven Messham, who was one of hundreds of children who were abused over two decades, told BBC Newsnight that he and others had been "swept under the carpet" despite a three-year inquiry in the late 1990s, and said he now wanted to meet David Cameron.

The former political figure, who was not named but was reportedly a senior official during the Thatcher era, has "vehemently denied" the allegations, according to Channel 4 News.

Messham told Newsnight: "In the home it was the standard abuse which was violent and sexual. Outside it was like you were sold, we were taken to the Crest Hotel in Wrexham, mainly on Sunday nights, where they would rent rooms.

"One particular night that I always recall is when I was basically raped, tied down and abused by nine different men."


EXTRACTED part only; DO go visit and read perhaps the best list we've found so far)

Anthony Charles Lynton Blair (Tony Blair, former PM of the UK)

He was charged and appeared in court at Bow Street Magistrates Court for importunity in a public toilet with another male. He tried to get sexual favour from the other man; little did he know that the toilet was being watched by police. Blair was fined £500, and walked away with nobody knowing who he really was as he used his middle names to cover who he was. Charles Lynton is the name used, and his friends in court got him off with a fine, because he is one of them.

Gordon Brown (former PM of the UK)

Brown is known for sexually abusing numerous boys, as well as girls. He is known for a particularly vile rape in Aberdeen in the 70's, when he and 2 others paid a prostitute for access to her 9 year old daughter. They all raped her several times, and some years later the girl went to court to get custody of her little brother because of her mother's abuse, and drug use. She won the case and has had custody of him ever since. The records have vanished from court, but the victim still remembers what happened, and who did it."

A name we'd simply DELIGHTED to see finally appearing simply EVERYWHERE ...

Lord Robertson (Former head of NATO)

He is very well known to police in the UK. He was removed by the US government because they found out about his perverted taste for boys. They were going to expose him if he did not resign, so we got the “I’m resigning for family reasons bull shit) Robertson is a dangerous predatory paedophile, but not as bad as the one I am about to name next.

"Michael Portillo (former MP Kensington & Chelsea)

Portillo is well known within the conservative party, as are others for his perverse abuse of children. He also likes adults now and again, particularly his friend and fellow MP Peter Lilley. He was giving Portilo a good time in the DTI building on the day of the 92 election, he was on his knees, (I'm sure I don't have to paint a picture for you). He also likes Morocco Del sol, where he delights in having young boys for sexual abuse. He used to go to the same hotel and on one visit, he left top secret documents behind in connection with the UK's defence systems, was it an accident, or was he being blackmailed? He also goes to the Isle of White regularly with Lilley and other friends where they have access to children. He is disgusting and I want him in prison where he belongs."

"Edward Heath (former PM of the UK)

He is very well known for his perverted abuse of young boys. I spoke to one of his victims and he told me about others who were present, and more important, who was supplying the children to him. The person bringing children for him to abuse is Sir Jimmy Saville. He was seen by the witness, victim, taking young boys on-board Heath’s yacht the morning cloud when they were at party conference. Saville is known for supplying a number of high profile MP's with children for them to sexually abuse."

"The articles I wrote concerning the “Operation Ore” cover-up and the 100-year blackout order imposed upon the report concerning the Dunblane Massacre of children used and abused by senior Scottish Labour government ministers can still be found here:

Alleged Paedophiles at Helm of Britain's War Machine, Massive Cover-Up [Ref. 1]

Blair's Protection of Elite Paedophile Ring Spells the End For His Career [Ref. 2]

Blackout in Britain: Alleged Paedophiles Helm Blair's War Room

Blackout in Britain: Alleged Paedophiles at Helm of Britain’s War Machine

Tony Blair Caught Protecting Elite Paedophile Ring

Cremation of Care: The New World Order and the Dunblane Shootings

Dunblane Secret Documents Contain Letters by Tory and Labour Ministers" "

"According to Journalist, Marcello Mega, in The News of the World, 28 December 2003:

1. A top Scottish Freemason, Former Grand Master Lord Burton, has said that Lord Cullen's inquiry into the Dunblane massacre was a cover-up.

Lord Burton says Cullen's inquiry suppressed crucial information to protect high-profile legal figures.

2. These high-profile legal figures may belong to a secretive 'Super-Mason' group called The Speculative Society.

Lord Burton said: "I have learned of an apparent connection between prominent members of the legal establishment involved in the inquiry, and the secretive Speculative Society. The society was formed in Edinburgh University through Masonic connections so I accept that there might be a link by that route." Reportedly, members of the Speculative Society have included Lord Cullen and a number of other judges, sheriffs and advocates.

3. Some of these high-profile people had links to the Queen Victoria School 'where gunman Thomas Hamilton was allowed to roam free before the 1996 atrocity'. "

Some monrings, it's just SUCH a joy to wake up ....


We got there ...

Finally  The White Rabbit!  #DunblaineRabbit  Mor on this, now we finally can, over the MONTHS ahead!

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"Former news tycoon Eddie Shah charged with rape
Former newspaper boss Eddie Shah appears in court today charged with six counts of raping a girl under the age of 16.

Former newspaper boss Eddie Shah today appeared in the dock at the Old Bailey accused of raping an under age girl at least six times more than 20 years ago.

Mr Shah, 68, who founded the now defunct Today newspaper, did not enter pleas to the charges against him as his barrister John Kelsey-Fry QC said there would be an application to dismiss the charges.

Mr Shah appeared alongside his two co-accused Anthony Pallant, 52, and Sharon Davies, also 52, for the brief hearing.

It is alleged that over a four year period in the early 1990s the trio carried out a string of sex attacks on the girl who was then aged between 12 and 15.

Mr Shah faces six counts of raping a girl under the age of 16 between 1993 and 1995."


Dare you?  Dare you discover real REALITY?


Someone is ROBBING YOU .... and also ... 



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  1. This is 2 fucking much, all this child abuse makes me wanna much of this is REALLY gpoing on?!I was avictim of domestic (not satanic) when i was a child,but this is making me wanna murder.And that is not ME at all.selfdefense anything goes,but never stoup2violence.If you need a explonation....Think......had 2 say something

  2. I cant believe this, theres so much its sick...everyone should know about these sick c..ts


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