Friday, 16 November 2012

((POLICE)) D/Supt Mick Gradwell - Where R U??????? (INFOBOMBED)

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"The Chief Minister and Minister for Home Affairs have emerged from this saga with no disciplinary case, no Chief Officer, a pending report from a QC likely to be critical of the Island’s Government, and a bill for over a million pounds. They are not well placed to criticise the actions of others" Deputy Bob Hill............................................. Trevor Pitmans Blog.......................................BALDTRUTH"


D/Supt Mick Gradwell - Where are you???????

Having raised the questions concerning Superintendent Andre Bonjour and the South Yorkshire Police Investigation I thought I would revisit this old posting. The reason for wanting to know that S/Y police fully vindicated Bonjour is quite obvious.

Now think about what I had posted previously concerning former SIO of the historical child abuse investigaion Mick Gradwell. Why was it that it was only Mick Gradwell who refused to give evidence to the Scrutiny Sub Panel? You could not shut this guy up when it came to trashing the HCAE then as soon as he gets asked to explain himself he has turned into Lord Lucan..
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Never be affraid to ask questions

Rico Sorda

D/Supt Mick Gradwell

In September 2008 Mick Gradwell is seconded from the UK and made Senior Investigating officer (SIO) of Operation Rectangle "The Jersey Historic Abuse Investigation" (HCAE)

D/supt Gradwell has has been very vocal on Lenny Harpers handling of the 'HCAE ' in fact one could say you couldn't shut him up.

I have spent the weekend researching Mr Gradwells press releases concerning the 'HCAE' I was looking for the positive things he said about the former SIO Lenny Harper & his team, seeing as they were the ones who broke down the veil of secrecy regarding decades long abuse, I couldn't find any.

One thing we do know is that he wasn't worried about talking or leaking to the med

First up we had the now infamous press conference of the 12th November 2008. During this time Mick Gradwell was interviewed by the BBC where he went on to show alleged evidence to the reporter again this was done during a live Investigation this can be viewed here



Pandora’s box of British paedophiles: why the unknown nature of the contents keeps the lid on them.

Part Two of today’s Slog Special unveils the key four-letter word:


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