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"F. William Engdahl
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Frederick William Engdahl (born August 9, 1944) is an American German freelance journalist, historianand economic researcher.[1]

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1 Biography
2 Confessions of an 'ex' peak oil believer
3 Global warming criticism
4 Arab Spring, "The Greater Middle East Project" and the US factor
5 Bibliography
6 References
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Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States, Engdahl is the son of F. William Engdahl, Sr., and Ruth Aalund (b. Rishoff). Engdahl grew up in Texas, and after earning a degree in engineering and jurisprudence from Princeton University in 1966 (BA), and graduate study in comparative economics at the University of Stockholm from 1969 to 1970, he worked as an economist and free-lance journalist in New York and in Europe.

Engdahl began writing about oil politics with the first oil shock in the early 1970s.

His first book was called A Century of War: Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order, and discusses the alleged roles of Zbigniew Brzezinski and George Ball and of the USA in the 1979 overthrow of the Shah of Iran, which was meant to manipulate oil prices and to stop Soviet expansion. Engdahl claims that Brzezinski and Ball used the Islamic Balkanization model proposed by Bernard Lewis. In 2007, he completed Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of GMO.

Engdahl is also a frequent contributor to the website of the Centre for Research on Globalization.

William Engdahl has been married since 1987, and has been living for more than two decades nearFrankfurt am Main, Germany.
[edit]Confessions of an 'ex' peak oil believer
See also: Abiogenic petroleum origin

Engdahl stated in 2007 that he had come to believe that petroleum is not biological in origin, produced from remains of prehistoric zooplankton and algae, which had settled to a sea or lake bottom in large quantities under anoxic conditions, which is a theory supported by the majority of petroleum geologists and engineers.[2] Instead he now believes the hypothesis that petroleum is geological in origin, produced deep underground from carbon, by conditions and forces of heat and pressure deeper down than the Earth'sbiosphere. Engdahl calls himself an "ex peak oil believer", stating that peak oil is actually a political phenomenon.[3]
[edit]Global warming criticism

Engdahl argued that the problem with global warming is much exaggerated.[4] He claims that global warming, like peak oil, is merely a "scare" and an attempt "by powerful vested interests to convince the world to sacrifice [so] that they remain in control of the events of this planet".[4]
[edit]Arab Spring, "The Greater Middle East Project" and the US factor

On Russia Today television channel's interview Engdahl stated that the 2011 Egyptian Revolution was orchestrated by the Pentagon to facilitate Barack Obama's Middle East foreign policy and Egypt had turned to a worse situation after Hosni Mubarak was overthrown.[5] According to Engdahl "The ultimate goal of the US is to take the resources of Africa and Middle East under military control to block economic growth in China and Russia, thus taking the whole of Eurasia under control."[6] He believes that the Arab Spring is a plan "(...) first announced by George W. Bush at a G8 meeting in 2003 and it was called "The Greater Middle East Project"."[6]
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