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As regulars know, we give ALL sides a voice, on this blog; the good, the bad, and the PLAIN UGLY TRUTH; and the EVIDENCE is STACKING AND RACKING; hard facts, cannot be ignored, except of course, by The Pet Goat; who look, listen, but JUST STARE, and NEVER WANT TO SEE REALITY.

The videos Directly below show Alex Jones IS NOT who he is pretending to be.
In The Post/Article Below discuss the reasons to be cautions with Allowing Jones to Hijack the Secession Movement
Some Public reactions to the Secession Movement.


David Ortiz with an on the street report, asking American citizens what they think of the Secession movement.
Shocking exposure of Alex Jones: Suspected Agent Provocateur of Cointelpro.

Exposing Alex Jones
by Derek In The Midwest

More videos of Alex Jones on the Secession movement below.

DO NOT Be Fooled By Alex Jones. I do watch Alex for entertainment purposes, and when he has interesting guests appear on his show. After viewing his videos on Secession and Drafting Ron Paul to head the movement, a light switched on in my head.

I heard Alex rant on and on about a very noble and virtuous undertaking in reaffirming the Declaration of Independence and Civil Rights, directly following I noticed a decided shift of tone and conversation. Alex starts off with how Secession is a right, and a duty. In fact, I agree with Alex very much on these points. But soon after, he gets past the specifics of that. He immediately gets angry, projects himself in a combative and perhaps in violent state of mind while shifting the substance of the conversation to “the government coming to take your guns.”

Let me get to the point. Alex has long been an asset of the very machine he is pretending to fight against. Bill Cooper, Derek, host of ‘In search of the Truth’ Radio show have exposed Jones as an Agent of even CointelPro. Or as we would commonly know them, an agent of the NWO/Illuminati.

Now think about it. Does Alex Jones really think that this country will allow any part of it to succeed from the Union? Hell no! In fact, the odds against that happening are worse than if you played a 10 ball powerball style lottery with 3 special balls at the end. Those are some ridiculous odds. Jones knows that. In this respect he literally gives himself and his motives away.

Think about it. At the start, Jones’ first idea to get this thing moving is to draft Ron Paul. Now I think Ron Paul is a decent fella, and probably a better politician. But let’s get real, Ron Paul is a part of the system that Jones alleges has been taken over by the international Banking Cartels. I too agree on this point as well, the banking cartels have taken over our country. But how stupid does he think we should be? Ron Paul just campaigned to take the highest office the system offers to elected members.

Ron Paul is not against the system. He talks the talk and speaks the lingo, but there are two objectives in this recent campaign. There will be two types of individuals wanting change we can believe in. The first: Political nonviolent normal everyday Americans. The Second: Knuckle-head morons with no common sense that will be willing to go that extra length to get their point across. In the most extreme of scenarios that would include even the use of violence. The Jones/Ron Paul duo addresses each of these individuals in the secession movement.

a. People all over the country do in fact want SERIOUS change in the current system of governance in the US. That is not in question(reference #OWS or The Occupy Movement). The point of drafting Ron Paul, is to hijack the political efforts of genuine law abiding Americans about to force some real change through the same political mechanism that allowed the corruption and subversion to take place in the first place.

b. The reason Jones continues to get away from what to do about making secession happen in detail, is because his job is to throw some flame on the fire of idiots that will in fact use weapons or violence to further their political agenda.

Now lets put this into perspective quickly. Sun Tzu says the greatest victory is to win without fighting. What a statement there. Now if there is an established Oligarchy if you would, and they were faced with a crisis of a public uprising, they will send agents in to quell the situation. This is known as the carrot before the stick. Ron Paul will water down a succession agenda so fast, and destroy the thing altogether if you allow that man to lead you. He is an Agent of the system. Being a Senator one would assume if he really felt positively about the idea of secession, he would have moved more states in this direction, if even only in a suggestive manner during his long tenure in office.

Now lets get serious. Under no circumstances whatsoever will this country allow one of it’s territories to succeed from the Union. This is where Jones comes in. In a fiery charade of bravado and patriotism, Jones starts a calm sentence talking about political objectives, but ends in statements of violence, references to guns, and fear-mongering that will inevitably encourage a moron to use a weapon in the name of succession.

This endangers the entire movement. Bottom line is, Ron Paul will water you down. Period. This country is on a track of its own. It is on a trajectory that a man with a noticeable political name cannot stop. Alex Jones will get you all labeled as terrorists and thrown in jail if not worse.

It is my logical conclusion that neither Alex Jones, nor Ron Paul should be representative of anything but what is local to them. You cannot allow Jones to become the voice of individual state efforts to make some changes in this country and the way it is being run. If you do, and some false flag incident happens, you shouldn’t be surprised if you are labeled a terrorist or a conspirator of some type to overthrow the government. Secret arrests, torture, and other forms of political persecution will then be justified on the normal everyday Americans who were never willing to go the violent route.

If America can label you all at once as part of an organization or group of people that have been involved in an act of violence or if even it is a false flag event, you can expect the NDAA to applied to ‘radical’ secession movements. Jones is not a moron. There is no way to be that smart and that stupid simultaneously. Jones knows exactly what he is doing.

Bottom line is, if you keep taking your cues from the agent provocateurs in Ron Paul and Alex Jones, you’ll find yourselves not only in a most precarious situation personally. But the secession effort will also find itself in a state of disarray and confusion as these so called leaders whom Jones suggests ‘have to be drafted’ in order to move forward, only serve run interference and mitigate the movement’s ability to get some well deserved and long overdue Justice by getting rid of the corrupt corporate banking structures sucking the life out of every day American citizens.

Secrets Of Secession? What The NWO Fears!


Did you know about the SECRET 'OFF THE RECORD' Ron Paul and Ben Bernanke meeting?
“It was off the record,” he said. The Fed declined to comment on the meeting."

The White Rabbit's view; neatly summarized by this commentator:

"11:11 pm May 9, 2012 odd wrote :
i thought he was about being open….then he has a breakfast with our enemy and declines to say anything about it, dr…. you have me questioning you and i don’t like that."

We put our thoughts down on Alex Jones:


#ALTMEDIA William Cooper; Alex Jones & Mor #INFOWAR

And once you've listened to all of that; try some TRUTH:


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