Sunday, 18 November 2012


We've been trying to get you to understand the reality about the DEEP UNDERGROUND MILITARY BASE and the NSA, child-kidnapping, and experimentation in the United Kingdom, to listen and believe the witness, and, most shockingly of all, to understand the DAVID CAMERON CONNECTION to PEASEMORE, where all of this is alleged to have been taking place ... Wow, yeas, we no lie! ... Many of you so new to the horrors of those that would lead us, and still frankly, way behind the curve (but catching up fast - thanks) we suspect, have a reaction of 'it can't be', despite the witness, an insider, authorised to leak by one part of the UK Defence Establishment ... We thought perhaps you might believe a little easier, with some help from one guy who already saved The White Rabbit (quite literally) ... writing on these subjects, in the CIVILIAN sphere. 

We pose the question: if they are producing designer GMO babies in the UK RIGHT NOW; why is it you find it so hard to believe they have been conducting such research covertly, where you can't get found out, deep, deep, deep under the English countryside in Peasemore? You know, the place where David Cameron's father, born with two deformed legs, brought up David Cameron, who had a child, that was also born disabled ... As we were just saying, not like there's NO evidence; testimony, facts.

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Over to the Health Ranger, of more correctly, Ethan A. Huff; staff writer: one of the most important articles that may ever have been written at getting YOU, The Pet Goat, to understand:

GMO babies now being engineered in labs under guise of preventing incurable disease

Friday, November 16, 2012 by: Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

(NaturalNews) Life, whether human or otherwise, is no longer sacred to many of today's scientists, who actually believe that tampering with the genetic blueprints of living beings will somehow improve humanity and create a better world. And this disturbing reality became ever more apparent recently when genetic butchers at Oregon Health & Sciences University (OHSU) announced their discovery of a way to manipulate the DNA of human embryos to obstruct normal gene transfer and create genetically "superior" babies that are supposedly less prone to disease.

According to the Chicago Tribune, these genetically-modified (GM) embryos are not yet intended to actually produce real, living children -- although it is only a matter of time before this nightmare becomes a reality (remember the movie Gattaca?) -- but they will be used in the present to investigate how babies of the future might avoid certain inherited diseases. By combining the genes of one man with those of two women, OHSU researchers claim they have devised a way to effectively replace "defective" genes with normal ones.

There are two types of genes contained in cells -- those found inside the nucleus of cells, which influence visible traits such as eye color and height, and those found outside the nucleus in energy-generating mitochondria, which do not influence visible traits, and are only passed along by the mother rather than the father. It is these exterior genes that OHSU scientists have learned to alter, reprogram, and literally block from being passed down from mother to child, which they claim could one day unveil ways by which inherited diseases might be avoided

Tampering with human genes will likely unleash a Pandora's box of health horrorsBut is this genetic manipulation of the human genome safe and ethical? The answer to this, just like to all genetically-modified organisms (GMOs), is a resounding no, as nobody knows for sure what the long-term effects of vandalizing human genes really are until after the irreversible process has been set into motion. And yet this has not stopped OHSU researchers nor their British predecessors who conducted similar experiments back in 2008 from engaging in the abominable practice under the guise of supposedly preventing incurable diseases.

According to reports, the OHSU team that worked on the study, which was published in the journalNature, is currently trying to gain federal approval to test the development of its GMO babies in actual women rather than in petri dishes, which will take such experiments to a whole new level of reality. It will presumably not be long after, should these "Frankenscientists" receive such approval, before GMObabies are normalized throughout society, and eventually perceived as genetically superior to normal babies with genetic "defects."

British news claims GMO babies are already being manufactured in women

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