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#MCALPINE Malicious Communications Act UK #TWITTER

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"McAlpine's lawyer has realised that Twitter won't play ball in providing private information in a Civil Libel case and so he is now planning to involve the police with the intention of bringing charges against the 10k under the Malicious Communications Act 1988 and Communictions Act 2003. He is hoping that by doing this he will force Twitter to reveal the names and addresses of the many thousands they are looking to contact. Please note I have only looked at the 1988 Act thus far.

I'm sure our already overly stretched police force are very happy to hear that they will need to contact/visiting 10000 individuals as well as having to put together the paperwork to present to a US court. I'm also sure the US judge is going to be overjoyed at the thought of dealing with all those court orders to Twitter.

Earlier in the week a spokeswoman for Twitter in the U.K. pointed out the company’s statement on requests for personal information:

“U.S. law authorizes Twitter to respond to requests for user information from foreign law enforcement agencies that are issued via U.S. court either by way of a mutual legal assistance treaty or a letter rogatory. It is our policy to respond to such U.S. court ordered requests when properly served.”

Twitter does have history in terms of refusing to comply with such court orders though and last year refused to provide personal information on tweeters who were criminally organising riots throughout the UK

And let us not forget the icing on the cake here, Lord McAlpine is NOT a UK tax payer, he is non UK domiciled but legally he is allowed to use our judicial system!

So, in the unlikely event that Twitter does provide names and addresses, what defence do tweeters have against the charges? These are my thoughts.

What the Malicious Communications Act 1988 Act says

1 Offence of sending letters etc. with intent to cause distress or anxiety.

(1)Any person who sends to another person—

(a)a [F1letter, electronic communication or article of any description] which conveys—

(i)a message which is indecent or grossly offensive;
(ii)a threat; or

(iii)information which is false and known or believed to be false by the sender;

(3)This Act does not extend to Scotland or, except for section 2, to Northern Ireland.

I fail to see how they can claim that anyone was tweeting or re-tweeting something that they knew or believed to be false? The information given out on Newsnight led many people to trawl on-line to identify the man not named in the programme. And who wouldn't want to know who he was, surely that is in the pubic interest? After all, Newsnight is aired the BBC, one of the worlds most reliable news agencies. Why on earth would they believe the allegations to be false if the BBC had gone to all that effort in investigating this man. Surely they would be sure of their facts, wouldn't they?

And after all Lord McAlpine said the following himself in his World At One Interview on 15/11/2012:

'Because strangely enough, all over the world, people believe the BBC to be one, or possibly the only, honest voice.'

So having watched the Newsnight programme people will have been naturally curious as to who they meant. It would not have taken much to put two and two together and come up with Lord McAlpine's name. Googling will have unearthed a great deal of web pages that as far as they were concerned corroborated what was being alleged which added weight to Newsnight's claims and in turn to their own belief that the allegation must be true. This belief will have further been reinforced by the fact that some of that information had been out there in the public domain unchallenged for nearly 20 years!

Some of the information which was publicly available and which could have added to the average persons belief that the allegations could be true could be found on Lord McAlpine's Wikipedia page. This alarming entry read as follows:

*In May 2003 the London Evening Standard reported that Lord McAlpine was the "well-known and anonymous collector" for whom Bloomsbury Book Auctions was selling a collection of 344 "fashion and eroticism" photographs, including "10 snaps of very young girls in very suggestive poses by Graham Ovenden"

(screenshot of original wiki available)

Within days this information disappeared for his Wikipedia page (screenshot of both before and after entries available)

From 2011

'Further research on the collection and Mr Ovenden will have provided the following:

'An internationally-acclaimed Westcountry artist has appeared in court charged with child sex crimes and other offences.

Graham Ovenden, a painter and fine art photographer, yesterday appeared at Truro Crown Court with two security officers standing on either side of him.

The 68-year-old is charged with four counts of indecent assault on a girl under the age of 14, five counts of child neglect and four charges of false imprisonment.'

And in 2010 other charges against Ovenden had to be dropped after CPS failed to call vital police witnesses

'Mr Ovenden, 67, from Mount near Bodmin in North Cornwall, pleaded not guilty to 16 charges of making indecent images and one charge of poss@essing an indecent image of a child.'

Futher background

'Graham Ovenden, an English photographer of children, was represented by a photo he took of Maud Hewes, age 10, in 1984. The photo here was presumably the one that was prosecuted in federal court in the United States in the early 1990s showing her seated nude with her legs open. The girl herself, now an adult, defended Ovenden in writing and that was part of the reason the government gave up trying to claim the photos were “lascivious”. The issue of spread-legged underage girls is the focus of a blog entry I wrote after this one.'

Confirmation that Lord McAlpine did previously own the collection of pics which contained the 10 snaps of very young girls etc

Put all this together with the other web pages containing direct allegations about Lord McAlpine on various sites which will have been found by googling and it is not hard to see that people will have had reasonable belief that there was something to Newsnight's allegations even if they had not named him. Some of these same sites which previously would have been discounted by the majority were the same ones which carried the allegations regarding Jimmy Savile and look how that turned out. So people could be forgiven for thinking that there may well have been something to these allegations about Lord McAlpine.

Also Lord McAlpine did not make a statement to the press denying the allegations until many days after the Newsnight programme and similarly Steve Messham did not withdraw his allegation (even though he never named him) until days after too. So given all of the above, I fail to see how Lord McAlpine's lawyer can claim people knowing tweeted or re-tweeted something that they knew to be false or believed to be false. Their belief that the allegations were probably true based on all of the above also means that what they tweeted should not be treated as being grossly offensive either in my opinion as they tweeted and re-tweeted in good faith based on enough suggestive information provided by a 'credible' news source which led them to their conclusions. And remember, the original seeds were after all put there by the BBC and Lord McAlpine's himself said 'all over the world, people believe the BBC to be one, or possibly the only, honest voice.' 


Perhaps you've missed some of our Paedo-Politicians' coverage (not that we're making any aspertions that of course, Mr McLordy Lordy McAlpine, is a Paedophile; he just like's erotic child art (that's all), allegedly of course ... Selling ten pics of kids in sexual poses, by an artist, who was a paedophile.

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"Dear Sir or Madam,

So sorry but it seems you were correct in suspending this account; we were successfully hacked by a very skilled hacker who managed to trojan the main machine from which we were using this account, as subsequently caught and evidenced for you here:

Apologies for the foul language on that page, but as you can imagine, Akamai's complete denial of even the possibility of this attack emanating from their network, somewhat got us hot under the collar (their arrogance astounding), once we had the proof, we couldn't resist.

As that page makes plain, we made serious efforts (to little avail) to get Akamai to understand they themselves were penetrated about a week before taking that screenshot proof, only to be told by one of their technicians (after upscaling through one of their subsidiaries that was FLOODING us with connection attempts sufficiently to effectively deny us service), that the same was impossible (as 'no one but ourselves have access from the inside to our network').  It took us a week to find the time to go catching these crooks at it, but as the above page proves beyond any reasonable doubt, they are wrong about that; clearly the well known Trojan BackOrifice was emanating connections from *inside* their network at our IP address (personally we suspect it was a much more sophisticated Trojan than BackOrifice, 'hiding' behind the name of that well known Trojan, but obviously that is not capable of proof).

I personally attest that I personally took that screenshot; personally caught the attempt to regain control of the machine(s) inside our network myself.  I was assured by the Akamai technician that an electronic written record of my conversation with them was made and sent to the subsidiary with a request/demand they block that IP address coming at us.  Such record should be discoverable should the need arise (indeed, this is why we were insistent that one be made). Obviously, unless authorised by law in *our* jurisdiction, such attacks are clearly a crime in the jurisdiction in which we reside (England and Wales).

This seems to have been a concerted attack, as helpers on Twitter, were also subject to entirely illegal activities (assuming they were not also authorised by law), as evidenced here:

We believe the attack was entirely malicious, and much checking through all other related (as in accessed via this same machine) online accounts, etc, seems to confirm this, specifically, we seem to have had a Man in The Middle attack going on during this period (I am unclear if this was truly a second/additional malicious activity, or somehow the same Trojan (the latter doesn't make much sense, but frankly, this stuff is at the edge of our technical ability to both detect and prevent against, and understand).  These suspicions were confirmed when accessing (securely, via SSL) my personal bank account online when SSL errors were picked up by the banks systems, and warnings were sent back to us from the bank about this.  I did not retain copies of those pages, but they have been printed and sent to my local council, where of course, I assume they have been scanned and electronically retained; thus I should be able to obtain copies, should the need arise, under the relevant Data Protection Act(s) or under general rules as to discovery, should any lawsuits arise out of this in the future.  Certainly, should any legal attack inbound arrive, we assure you we will be defending it, no matter what sort or type of attack that may be (obviously we have concerns that as the Trojan was only picked up due to the suspension of our account, that goodness knows what it may have been used to do before that time; we obviously specifically and rather horrifically, fear it may have been used to do something illegal 'as us' in a direct attempt to implicate us in a crime we did not commit; a.k.a. 'frame' us.).  This may sound far-fetched to you, but you should understand, we are only one of two websites in the EU pushing into public consciousness (via hashtag #OpBLACKHEATH) the 15 trillion fraud conducted by rogue elements within your Department of Homeland Security, as outlined (the existence and activities thereof) by Lord Blackheath in two speeches given in the House of Lords in the United Kingdom's Parliament, absent one person of honour in the USA, willing to go public with these matters, as evidenced here: 2010 2012 (3rd party but also UK publisher) (3rd party - provider of intel to Lord Blackheath (unconfirmed by Lord Blackheath)

You should also note we have been directly involved in breaking into public consciousness, the criminality of the Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan, the US Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner, the CEO of JP Morgan, the CEO of HSBC, the CEO of RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland), amongst many other criminals in the banking world, both in the US, and in the EU (at least 20 European banks are involved, in addition to those named above).  If you note the date of the suspension, they match (the first link above was screen-shotted about one week after our telephone call at around 11pm on a Friday night; the following morning the Bank of England and Federal Reserve crimes broke in the mainstream press, as indeed, we told the Akamai technician they would).  Even if you do not directly connect these events to our problems, we are in no doubt about it, and we mean, at all.

Additionally, we have been (as just about the only people that dare) exposing the rampant criminality of the City of London police Terrorist squad, and Kroll Associates, via directly supporting and promoting the extremely brave British National Ian Puddick:

To which we can now add the corrupt regulator of the both the Metropolitan Police AND the City of London Police, in the form of promoting the existence of a criminal case against the Deputy Chair  of the Independent Police Complaints Commission, Deborah Glass, a criminal case which involves, no less, that person in being charged with perverting the course of justice:

It is important you should note, if you ever sent (as your terms clearly imply you always do) an email outlining why the account was suspended, that email seems to have been taken out in transmission to us i.e. it was never received.  Thus we are flying blind as to what exactly, from your end, was the cause of the suspension, and therefore cannot directly address it (unfortunately we have about 0% belief if you resent the email, that it would arrive the second time sent, such is the level of illegal electronic interference we are experiencing).

For your information, our ISP reports that we have 'noise bursts' being sent down the line at us (which they are powerless to prevent), which continually results in removal of our access to the ISP's DNS servers; this has been sustained and ongoing, since around November 2011 (about one month after the site and account were opened/published), and indeed, quite often, the only way we are able to connect to anything, is via using Tor (, which is fortunately able to bootstrap itself into Net access, despite the absence of DNS resolution.  Without Tor, we'd have been out of the game a long time ago.  If I may be so bold, we ask you to financially support its continued development, if you don't at this rate, you won't have a business. :(

We deeply suspect however, that the Trojan was used to in a deliberate and sustained attempt specifically to attempt to make us lose access to the @occupyofficial account; as we are both aware, successfully.  The timing of everything ties too perfectly with our now failed attempt to monetize this website indeed, have now no income, no assets and without your assistance in regaining use of the @occupyofficial account, less than half the traffic hitting than previously.  It was a neat way to take us out; it worked.

I would wish to make it very clear indeed, that if any other matters are relevant to this application, we are unaware of them.  DELETED PERSONAL FAMILIAL HEATH PROBLEMS (Cancer/hospital admissions)  I got the call about this half way through trying to fundamentally rework the website (unfortunately rather unprofessionally live editing the website).  I was obtaining very little sleep around that time, at all, frankly, those weeks passed somewhat in a blur of chaos at this end, and indeed, it is likely that this provides the reason we did not pick up our own penetration earlier.  What I can assure you of is that we have scrubbed (forensically) EVERY disk inside our LAN, and reinstalled all operating systems (in the days shortly after the suspension).  We have moved from Ubuntu LTS over to Debian stable, as our base operating system, and virtualised Ubuntu on top of that to return more functionality.  We have been monitoring our logs, and are 100% sure we have remained Trojan free since those actions were taken.  We are also now learning intrusion detection systems so that we ourselves, rather yourselves, catch this activity immediately should it arise again, even with the huge increases in security at this end.

We have given you such a detailed outline as above including so many links, as in addition to requesting the re-activation of this account, as I also ask you to use every last legal means possible to protect my personal identity, even if that entails considerable legal expense. Understand, I am at risk of many many powerful people preferring it if, how can I put it, I was no longer around; specifically, dead.  Many trillions of not just fraudulently created monies are at stake, but also jail terms for many of those very powerful people involved, if we can continue to batter through the illegal use of State Privileges to keep the people defrauded (that would be everyone in the world, but specifically all Americans and all Europeans) in the dark, and continue to enlighten them as to who specifically are the crooks in positions of high power, and very specifically indeed, present the evidence that will convict them.

This will over time we feel sure, include the CEO's (at least) of those twenty European banks; all guilty not just of using the fraudulently created money, knowing it was fraudulently created, but trading with it on European MTN markets overnight, making many hundreds of millions in 'profits', none of which was declared to European Taxation Authorities (the crime of tax evasion).

Finally, I would wish to reassure you that I have read now many times, until I am sure I fully understand the meaning of your terms of service, specifically in relation to the use of related accounts for DIFFERENT purposes (which we may have initially misunderstood).  Having recently incorporated (Social Animal Ltd, English Corporate Registry) in an attempt to build businesses around your service, we assure you that all accounts created by us will be used for promoting substantially different themes, ideas and/or concepts; essentially different websites covering different (though possibly related) subjects, as your terms clearly allow.  For the sake of completeness, we understand and affirm that we are not and will not use auto-follow nor auto-unfollow; only fully automated follow back as allowed.  To sum up, it seems if we had to take our best guess, the Trojan was used to mess with these settings. :(


Social Animal Ltd"



""Hunting ...and out of character naked children were released and when they were caught, they were violated hunting ended with torture in the theater the fat lips of a girl were sliced ​​and given to dogs"


Bad news:


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