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First, as we're going to SIMPLY ENDLESSLY DO, and have been doing, for well over a month, now ... The CENSORSHIP of the UNfree Press in EUROPE, and the BANKSTERS friend, Google, in this instance:  the pic proof, first; for SLAVES that JUST DON'T GET IT, yet!  Dumbos

And he's what lovely intel, popped up, when The White Rabbit!  Went digging! ;)  


"Three years ago, a hard fought landmark FOIA lawsuit was won by the great Bloomberg reporter, the late Mark Pittman, in which the Fed was forced to disclose a plethora of previously secret bailout information, which in turn spurred the movement to "audit the Fed" and include a variety of largely watered down provisions in the Frank-Dodd bill. This victory came despite extensive objections by the Fed and the threat that the case may even escalate to the highly politicized Supreme Court, which lately has demonstrated conclusively that not only is justice not blind, but goes to the highest ideological bidder. Moments ago, Europe just learned that when it comes to secrecy of its supreme monetary leaders, in this case all originating from Goldman Sachs and defending data highly sensitive to the same Goldman Sachs, the European central bank's secrecy is not only matched by that of the Fed, but even more engrained in the "judicial" system of the Eurozone, after the European Union General Court in Luxembourg just announced that the European Central Bank will be allowed to refuse access to secret files showing how Greece used derivatives to hide its debt. Why? Simple: recall that it was Goldman Sachs who was the primary "advisor" on a decade worth of FX swaps-related deals which allowed Greece to outright lie about both its fiscal deficit and its total debt levels, and that it was a Goldman alum who became head of the same Greek debt office just before the country imploded. And certainly the ECB was involved and knew very all about the Greek behind the scenes shennanigans. And who happens to be head of the ECB? Why yet another former Goldman worker, of course. Mario Draghi. ... (Continues) ..."


But, but but ... I can reach the above link?!?!  Is that what you want to say to me SLAVE!?

Well now then, now then; with the SECRET SEX SLAVES BBC NECROPHILIA n MOR BBC COVERUPS REPORT also NOT RELEASED, guess what; that makes you DUMBO!  Because YOU watch the BBC, YOU pay the LICENCE FEE; The White Rabbit!  Binned TV, longtime ago!  You know, they even give REFUNDS, but you won't GET YOURS,. will you?

You'd much prefer to keep the PAEDOPHILES IN POWER; that's you, right: DUMBO; SLAVE!!

Explanation for The Pet Goat .... They do like so to come STARE.

It's being censored to OTHER PUBLISHERS, friends, to other publishers.  You know, silly ....  Still not with me?  .... This GOLDMAN SACHS ... The one just appointed to do the COVERUP and CLEAN-OUT of the BRITISH TREASURY ;)  DUMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  After all someone has to cover the tracks of the 15 TRILLION FRAUD, MONEY LAUNDERING and TAX EVASION, by all those INTER-CONNECTED Banks; the takeover, of the EU, being complete, etc; SLAVE!

You see, it's simply MUCH easier to do a COVER-UP of MASSIVE GLOBAL CRIME, if you're THE BOSS; the GLOBAL MAFIA, has TAKEN THE UK.

Well not quite taken; given, of course, by Bum Chum CaMORON and GIDEON

No doubt no objects from the INSANE BALD DWARF; he's crazy, like that; The Embassy Invader; no less!  I no lie!

The White Rabbit!
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I smell BANKSTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
GOLDMAN SACHS - the Destruction of the Nation of Greece by BANKSTERS; explained!

Britain, I tell YEA!  It's gone to the DOGS OF WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOF WOOF!! lol

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