Monday, 12 November 2012

#DOCUMENTARY Quest for Free Energy #OIL #PHYSICS

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After our last short clip, into the subject more deeply:  listen especially to the premise, in the first few seconds ... If you haven't noticed our coverage of Black Project Science (specifically the funding thereof, and the two physics papers), you're getting behind!!

Do note the statement at about 7 minutes in "You simply cannot get energy from nothing" ... And understand, the very fabric of space-time itself, is INCREDIBLY ENERGETIC. ;) Ever seen one of those tiny atom bombs split or fuse JUST ONE atom, and seen the result, when the right materials are around that one split atom?  The speaker at that point clearly doesn't understand, the atom, is clearly thesedays, no where near the smallest particle around (i.e. within his 'nothing', there's actually huge amounts of something! 

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