Friday, 23 November 2012


Just so you know; this is what we see; on our line; when trying to access our own pages .... heh #Illuminati #NWO #NetworkControl #MOD #DIA #M15 #MI6 (good guys; we hope)

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We are being prevented from publishing PROOF of the CENSORSHIP (Chrome) of access to an interview by F William Engdahl with Ben Fellows (our friends over at - already served with legal process from the UK CABINET OFFICE no less about SOMETHING, details already on #OTB of course; we LOVE getting disclosure (and having been RAPED ROTTEN by the BANKSTERS MINIONS, CaMORON, GIDEON and the INSANE BALD SNUFF SNAKE DWARF, we simply cannot WAIT to find out if BEN FELLOWS, what a lad, covers the PENIS STROKING allegation in this no doubt wonderful interview by one of the most informed commentators around, F William Engdahl ... Why don't you listen with us ... after all, with McAlpine threatening oh now, to give 10,000 twitter users the RIGHT IN LAW to GET DISCLOSURE on simply ALL SORTS OF MISDOINGS over simply YEARS and YEARS, and YEARS, and to open himself up to CROSS EXAMINATION on SIMPLE DECADES of TORY FINANCING it seems certainly in the PUBLIC interest WORLDWIDE, never mind in just the tiny BANKSTERS BASE of BRITAIN, to find out EXACTLY what Ben may or may not be saying about (allegedly, of course)  PENIS STROKING ex-CHANCELLORS of the BRITISH EXCHEQUER, right! ;)

Onwards ------ TO TRUTH (and yes, JUSTICE ... do note, Lordy, Lordy Lord! ;) .


Kenneth Clarke QC MP ... obviously DEFINITELY another MP to be called if the writs come (along with BEN FELLOWS!, All now RATHER OBVIOUSLY RELEVANT to TORY PAEDOPHILES IN NUMBER TEN ... Now then, now then; surely JUDGES would agree! ;')

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PS if you cannot access the radio show as above (it seems like the censorship without anti-censorship tools may be COMPLETE; use and access:

Do leave a note in the comments if YOUR PLACE is CENSORING THIS IMPORTANT PENIS STROKING ALLEGATION; after all, it's the RIGHT thing to do, RIGHT, left, center; oh ...

PPS (posted 24 the Nov 01.27) -DOXED:

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