Monday, 19 November 2012

#BANKSTERS Minions Bullshit Analysis - The White Rabbit!

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"But the biggest problem with the Occupy protests is the movement itself.

1. It has no message. Nearly a year after launching, you still hear people from OWS talking about global warming, Iraq and Afghanistan, natural fibers, the Koch brothers and everything except the financial system and how it fosters a deepening income inequality.

This isn’t to say there haven’t been successful messages such as “the 99%,” but getting that 99% to buy into a common cause has proven problematic.

2. It’s too weird. The costumes, the hippies, the hipsters, the Guy Fawkes masks — OWS just doesn’t translate to Middle America. It’s a coastal and urban thing. It matters because if people in Peoria see a bunch of masked hooligans fighting with police in New York, many of them will identify with the police.

3. It’s outspent . The securities, banking, real-estate and insurance industries have combined to dump $4.2 billion into national elections since 2006, more than any other sector.

4. It’s threatening. The masks are associated with the hacktivist group Anonymous, which most people are either afraid of or don’t understand. OWS also has a reputation for police confrontation that turns people off. Read report on rights violations by NYPD against OWS .

5. It’s a leftist, socialist, union-driven, Obama-driven, Democratic Party-driven effort. Overstatement? Not as much as you would think. A Fordham University poll conducted last year found that 80% of OWS respondents identified themselves as extremely liberal. One out of four considered themselves Democrats and 11% Socialists — but 39% said they didn’t subscribe to any political party. "


And the biggest problem with Marketwatch, is it publishes sheer disinformation; we think:


Market Watch; watching out for the elite; deluding you, ensuring you, The Pet Goat, get ROBBED REGULARLY.

Market Watch - NAILED! ;)


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