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Australia's Foreign Minister Senator Bob Carr knows Schapelle's innocent - but he's point blank refusing to acknowledge the information, formally pass it on to the Indonesian Government, or hold a Royal Commission into the horrific insider corruption that sent an innocent tourist to hell for 20 years, the same sentence imposed on an Indonesian terrorist who helped slaughter over 200 people.
Watch the documentary.

Listen to the call to his office (his staff now refuse to take further inquiries).  Numerous faxes, emails and tweets to Bob Carr also remain ignored.

 this clip as well - and read the full background to it.

And here's info on the culpability of Macquarie Bank - plus background on Bob Carr's deep relationship with this corporation.

Bob Carr was also Australian Labor Party (ALP) State Premier of New South Wales (Australia), from 1995 to 2005.  He was replaced by ALP MP Maurice Iemma in August 2005.  During Iemma's leadership, the New South Wales State Government authorised the payment of $800,000 to a criminal Sydney Airport/QANTAS baggage handler (Tom), who used innocent passengers as unwitting drug mules on the day Schapelle flew, after he threatened to blow the whistle on corrupt police. This criminal was also paid a further $750,000 (plus) by the Commonwealth Attorney General, who has consistently refused to provide evidence to the public (after several Freedom of Information requests), re the "Source" of this huge sum. Though as "Tom's" legitimate employment was loading bags for QANTAS, it's hardly likely he came by it legally.


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