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This one, is short, but really, you simply don't want to miss the LULZ!



Russell has worked full time as an independent consultant, researcher, writer and trainer specialising in the fields of substance misuse and crime since 1996. He has particular expertise around young people, offender health, social networking/digital engagement and payment by results. He is the author or co-author of over thirty national publications on issues relating to drugs, alcohol and offending. He is also a Health Education Authority certified trainer.

In September 2011, Russell launched this blog dedicated to stimulating debate around the rapid changes in the way we deliver public services, especiallyin the criminal justice and substance misuse arenas. "

Yet strangely enough, when you send him the Honorary Judge of the Italian Supreme Court - the world's first ever (we think Translation of this TERRORISM EXPERT JUDGE, along with the CNN video telling and showing you NO PLANE HIT THE PENTAGON, you get BLOCKED!! 

You've got to DOX that, just for the LULZ!

David Aaronovitch 911 Truth Pentagon

So folks; if you're thinking of exploying a 'crime expert' and 'researcher' ; we don't suggest it's RUSSELL WEBSTER! ...Not interested in who are the REAL CRIMINALS at all, hey David Aaronovitch?  Not iinterested even in the BIGGEST CRIME, FRAUD and SCAM ever! <gg>

Oh, forgot to mention: we just told David he'd better DIG HIMSELF OUT OF AN ICC TRIAL as a WAR CRIME COVER-UP ARTIST; that however, was certainly NOT for the LULZ ... 

We're going to HANG that man at the ICC, we think, as we just told him, if he DOESN'T CORRECT HIS 'mistake' in TRASHING 911 TRUTH **TODAY**  

Just thought we'd let you know these DELIGHTFUL little factoids .... 

We simply can't WAIT to write our article about DAVID AARONOVITCH; promise you, it's not one you're going to want to miss!  ... You know, we'd actually forgotten ... He's written a BOOK:

Voodoo Histories HAHA hehe #HAHA2012

We do wonder now; is that the best evidence we'll have! <gg>  His OWN WORDS .... If anyone has read this book, do let us know in a comment if it covers 911 #Lulz

We simply can't WAIT to read it if it does! ;)  A book BAR none; possibly simply STUFFED with EVIDENCE, of his CRIMES, if that is what they are; the day is early, by NIGHTFALL, we shall KNOW!  As I said, some days you've just GOT to DOX, just for the LULZ; peekaboo:

Literally, could you make it up funnier???

Certainly David; we think your JOURNALISTIC EPITAPH long overdue, but you do have ONE DAY, to correct the DISINFORMATION you've been SPREADING FOR A DECADE, that has perpetuated ILLEGAL WARS, and LEAD TO THE MURDER OF BRITISH SOLDIERS, many AFGHANS, IRAQIS, and much, much more ....  We're starting a list of those crimes right now; add your suggestions to the comments section! ;)

Source: (extracted text)

Still struggling to understand why he's going to hang??  Try this page:


As for David, he can as we like to say, 'Save it for the JUDGE WANKER'

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