Tuesday, 27 November 2012


Wow; the SLAVES, really are starting to wake up to CONTROLLED OPPOSITION. Next thing you know, The Pet Goat in NEW YORK CITY, will even start to get THIS:

"Uploaded by 911TruthVideos on Aug 7, 2009

John Fleegle heard engines roar over his head and felt the ground shake under his feet as the lights flickered in his office. He stepped outside and saw a big ball of fire in the air. However, when he got to the supposed crash site of Flight 93, he saw a second plane still flying overhead. While telling his eyewitness story, a retired Air Force officer explains that the reason his lights flickered was because the radar frequency was zapped as the plane was shot down."

Latest interview by Gwenneth Todd (Top security cleared, left out to DIE by the US Navy, for trying to blow the whistle of DICK CHENEY's TREASON (2008) in attempting a FALSE FLAG MURDERING US NAVY, to get the war with Iran up and running before Obama came in!  Don't miss it (just released this week; contains ALL THE LATEST INTEL on the GOING ON with BENGHAZI (BANGhazi?) lol
http://www.occupythebanks.com/2012/11/thewhitehats-amazing-whistleblow-todd.html  Original coverage on this site (yes, we're usually months before everyone else! heh!):

Also of course, promised for later in the week; we have the rather delightful (now almost topping over 100,000 views in our sister censorednewsnow.com's youtube account (the original press interview); Susan Lindauer, confirming the PENTAGON USD $2,200,000,000,000,000 BANK ACCOUNT details (now swelled to TEN TRILLION) **WILL* be DUMPED onto the NET THIS WEEK (or next!); and IMMEDIATELY if she is ASSASSINATED by the DARK CABAL!  Perfect; what a Lady! :~)

The Original Press Conference

All coverage on site of Susan Lindauer:

Just one of the videos available on the above link, is this:  THE CCTV caught the EXPLOSIVE TRUCKS ENTERING THE WTC COMPLEX:  Susan Lindauer - right at the beginning! ;)

Oh, and don't forget that's confirmed in this documentary, by the JANITOR, too! ;)

Oh, and our sister censorednewsnow.com's interview with Mr Richard Gage at Cambridge University: you know, the one the BBC wouldn't cover; didn't tape, and didn't even send a journalist along to.

You know, the BBC COVER-UP MIND CONTROL BBC; intricatly COMPLICIT in our view, with 911!;)

Of course, the BBC wouldn't be involved in a COVERUP though, would it! heh  Dunblane Savile Dutruex Franklin 

They'd tell you the TRUTH wouldn't they; you know, the TRUTH, like this guy does:

Oh yes, they can be RELIED UPON, can't they??

At least in Maine, they're doing the right thing; RESIGNING, stating they have LIED in the past, and cannot in all conscience continue:

As ever, you might want to know the possible reason, is already on #OTB :)

Can't they?
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