Monday, 1 October 2012


And so truth will out.  The Israeli lobby admits no one is going to agree to a war with Iran without a false flag attack (the USA attacking itself, murdering it's own troops, and then blaming the Iranians, just like for the Vietnam war, when 57,000 Americans died on a LIE for MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX PROFITS, nothing more, nothing less, and of course, the pictured psychopath, doesn't give a flying fuck how many die, just that he keeps the profits rolling in). 

America, 2012.  The devil, is truly here.  

We expect this false flag any time, because as Veterans Today agrees with us, war with Iran is now the ONLY THING that will stop Americans learning the truth about WHO WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE 911 FALSE FLAG.  Though it was CENSORED IN AMERICA (and de-censored there thanks only to our great friend Sean over at who published our translation as a mirror to BREAK THE TWITTER CENSORSHIP)

  • NO PLANE HIT THE PENTAGON; meaning the DoD, Pentagon, Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the FBI (who let us not forget COLLECTED THE VIDEOS) RAN A  MILITARY COUP ON AMERICANS ON 911; creating the NAZI DVD CONTROLLED DHS (from it's genesis as outlined by LORD BLACKHEATH in the HOUSE OF LORDS in 2010 and 2012 (speeches themselves now DA-NOTICED in the WORLD's CRIME CAPITAL).

    Just in case you were thinking THIS IS WHERE THE 15 TRILLION OF FRAUDULENTLY CREATED MONEY CAME FROM THAT HAS BEEN 'HYPOTHOCATED' INTO THE TRILLIONS OF DERIVATIVES THAT ARE BEING USED TO DESTROY EUROPEAN SOVEREIGNTY, ONE COUNTRY, after another, falling like DOMINOES to the BANKSTERS FRAUDULENT GAMES (for which we are going to HANG THEM at the HAGUE for the CRIME OF GENOCIDE):  YOU WOULD BE RIGHT!  You're currently at the one of the two sites on the planet, specialist in explaining that fraud! ;)

    Secret courts brought in by BILDERBERG MINIONS at SECRET JUSTICE (no justice at all) KEN CLARKE of course, designed to SHUT ME UP from telling YOU any of this ... whilst he collects (via the FRAUD CHARITY (Goldman Sachs slush funds route into BILDERBERG proper), a stipend??  We shall see, for the accounts are to be obtained!

    Are the Charity Commission ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL (or bought off one must ask?) ...  Would any other charity get legal recognition as such FOR FOUR YEARS for publishing policy documents, WHEN THEY DO NOT?  For we could find NO PUBLISHED BILDERBERG DOCUMENTS WHATSOEVER when we went looking ... just OVER FOUR YEARS WORTH OF FIFTY THOUSAND POUND GOLDMAN PAYMENTS TO THIS CHARITY ... which states it has charity status because it publishes PUBLIC POLICY DOCUMENTS ... Strange that, when BILDERBERG ITSELF STATES IT'S A PRIVATE MEETING WHERE PUBLIC POLICY IS NOT DECIDED ... Some might think.

    Any way I digress from the DESIGNED SLAUGHTER AND STARVATION OF MILLIONS into the FRAUDULENT WAYS IN WHICH IT IS DONE ... MURDERING AMERICANS IN FALSE FLAG ATTACKS IN THE THOUSANDS AT A TIME (will it be MILLIONS THIS TIME AROUND? With Americans still sleeping, we think so) In the hope someone might investigate and REPORT THIS TO THE CHARITY COMMISSIONERS ... So we can find out if they need removal from power, too.  Beat us to the accounts; DO LET US KNOW WHAT YOU DO, and DO NOT find!  Promises to be interesting, either way, especially with the admin seemingly also done from an Investment bankers office.
  • EXPLOSIVES (not airplanes) BROUGHT DOWN THE TWIN TOWERS (at a minimum); please don't take that from us, TAKE THAT FROM WELL OVER 1,600 ARCHITECTS AND ENGINEERS ... you know EXPERTS IN BUILDING BUILDINGS (and bringing them back down to earth when necessary) ... WE WILL BE PUBLISHING THE WHOLE TWO HOUR CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY LECTURE OF RICHARD GAGE THIS WEEKEND; a project for which we obtained PLASTIC (toy) BULLETS IN THE POSTBOX for filming ...  Academic freedom in the United Kingdom on 911; in 2011; SHUT UP OR DIE.  Well those that seek to intimidate; YOU FAILED! ....   Hopefully live THIS FRIDAY or SAT! :)  Do pop back! ;~)  Meantime you can see our sister site's interview with Mr Richard Gage right on Operation Occupy The Banks here, or catch one of the world's most internationally respected scientists (just before she was murdered for making these statements, right here)
And of course, when Americans finally drop their donut and pick up our WORLD EXCLUSIVE translation of the honorary (Terrorism specialist) JUDGE OF THE SUPREME COURT OF ITALY transcript of interview, they're going to understand the CIA ALONG WITH THE FBI and their esteemed leaders; BUSH, CHENEY, RUMSFELD and many others, are GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY of the WAR CRIME of CRIMES AGAINST PEACE, and are going to HANG at the HAGUE for it (mark our words well America for though it seems you have given up on the rule of law in your location, EUROPEANS HAVE NOT, not in ours) ...  

I could go on, but the 122 MOSSAD OPERATIVES ARRESTED ON 911, and of course NUTS NETANYAHU's desire to create the conditions for ISRAEL to be WIPED OFF THE MAP, along with all Israelis, well now, we might only remind you of the recent statement made in the USA, that it seems WELL PAST TIME in EVERYONE's interest, that a certain MADMAN IN CHARGE OF NUKES, was well, not to put a too fine a point on it ... was no longer around.


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