Monday, 8 October 2012


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To be clear to any police reading this page, we present entirely the APPLICATION OF INTERNATIONAL LAW to BRITISH WAR CRIMINAL TONY CAMEROON CAMORON, Eton Tory Terrorist WAR CRIMINAL (like TONY BLAIR BEFORE HIM).

We present nor suggest, nor imply in ANY WAY WHATSOEVER *any* ILLEGAL use of force to HANG DAVID CAMERON. Rather the OPPOSITE, that this DARK CABAL 'leader' (what a MORON), will be PERFECTLY LEGALLY be HUNG at the HAGUE as the WAR CRIMINAL NAZI he is. YOU HAVING ENTIRELY FAILED EVERY LAST LAW-ABIDING PERSON IN BRITAIN, a breach of STATUTORY DUTY, do we have any choice save the EMBARRASSMENT of seeking INTERNATIONAL LEGAL ASSISTANCE to deal with our WAR CRIMINAL DARK CABAL .. We suggest, YOU having FAILED the BRITISH PEOPLE, for now FOUR STRAIGHT YEARS, and PROVED your DARK CABAL INFECTION yourselves by allowing the PEDOPHILE COVER-UP at the BBC to go ENTIRELY COVERED UP RIGHT AS WE WRITE RABBIT, as we, with our GROSSLY OVERBURDENED GBP £160.00 first year budget (rather than your HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF POUNDS of **OUR** money [note, NOT Rothschild's) have SUCCESSFULLY TAKEN DOWN EUROPE's LARGEST PEDOPHILE IN LEGAL OFFICE
(click here MORON CAMEROON for the details) ... Whilst you have DONE NOTHING, to protect BRITISH CHILDREN from this DARK CABAL infection

Oh, I give up .... With MORONS that's usually the best policy.

What I wanted to make ABSOLUTELY CLEAR to you, police officers, is that YOU HAVE and ARE TOTALLY FAILING EVERY LAST PERSON IN BRITAIN (and YOURSELF, and YOUR CHILDREN, YOUR MOTHER, YOUR FATHERS, Grandparents, THE LOT) ... Whilst WE DO YOUR JOBS FOR YOU, for NO PAY. Four years into the GREATEST ROBBERY OF THE BRITISH PEOPLE (and designed destruction of the free world by ROTHSCHILD BANKSTERS; you're obviously struggling) ... Oh I give up ... For the second time ... Let me try be concise, 36 hour stints DOING YOUR JOBS for free, and for no pay, never was a good time to write...

To be 1000% clear (yes, we do know that's an overemphasis;a MORONIC STATEMENT TONY WAR CRIMINAL MORON CAMEROON CAMERON, seems rather befitting), you, DISGRACE to the HUMAN race, we intend AND WILL hang, AT THE HAGUE ...  

Send in your assassins, if you want; the word is OUT to the WORLD; WE ARE LEGION, and we NEVER FORGET.  You are a MORON and THE INSANE BALD DWARF.

SECRET COURTS and SECRET INQUESTS; you must think we're a MORON like YOU, Tony Cameroon CaMORON .... If you really thought we'd let you get away with that, to cover up your TWENTY MILLION ILLEGAL NUCLEAR ARMS DEALS ... MORON.

Angela Davison ... HAHA HAHA #HAHA2012 ... Seems like the Ecuador President, is simply MUCH smarter than you.  Oh Woe, how did Britain get SO low .... Well NOW WE KNOW MORON ... PEDOPHILE BLACKMAIL, ILLEGAL NUCLEAR ARMS DEALS, BIOWEAPONS.



Take me out if you will #MI5 ... The word is already in America, if you do, to INVADE, once they have their country back; BY THEIR DEEDS YOU SHALL KNOW THEM.

So far, so good; HISTORY SHOULD NOTE THIS FACT; so far, so good, MI5; something, just simply not much at all, does go well here, in some way we still cannot determine.

Life death; shoestrings; hare-breadths; nuclear war; of HANGING AT the HAGUE for **OUR** criminal DARK CABAL.  It's time, you CONTINUED TO DECIDE MI5; who is your master, and who is your servant; the people, or the pedophiles in GOVERNMENT.

The cat is OUT OF THE BAG; we know, we know YOU know, and HAVE DONE, for oh, so ever, so long .... AND SAID NOTHING ...

Who will survive; ;we doubt you nor BRITIAN if you don't HELP HONEST BRITONS RIGHT NOW

The White Rabbit!

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