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In for a penny, in for a pound, as they say....  Here's the comment we have just requested to be published on Tom Watson's personal blog (by submitting it for the same).

Truly, we're out of time ... And so ... We shall see ...

#1 The White Rabbit! (pseudonym) on 10.25.12 at 1:29 am
Firstly; thank you from the bottom of the heart of the people’s of the WORLD, not just the UK, for speaking out. We have been taking huge risk with our lives to try to get someone with Parliamentary Privilege to name names, someone, anywhere; we are heartened beyond belief you have done so.
Second; please review the EVIDENCE on this page on our website; all of it but particularly the CHILDREN’S TESTIMONY France, Belgium), and the DEMMINK testimony:
“Former Chief of Criminal Intelligence Services for the Netherlands,”
Understand this goes MUCH deeper and WIDER (global) than perhaps any of your current sources might be brave enough to mention: US Special Forces/Navy/Vatican:
We beg of you to understand this is a MEANS AND METHOD of CONTROL over people, by the very people named by no less than President Kennedy.
Furthermore, that this is how you are likely entirely unaware, that this is the likely method of control OVER the MEDIA on the most important subject for everyone’s civil liberties in our lifetimes.
NO PLANE HIT THE PENTAGON (911 was a MILITARY COUP by what has become usefully known on the Internet as the Dark Cabal); you are uncovering HOW this has been covered up through mind control exercised on the Western public:
REVIEW THE CNN (FBI seized; released under court order) TAPE OF THE PENTAGON ON 911, that everyone tells you DOES NOT EXIST; and listen to the presenter tell you in just 22 seconds, that NO PLANE HIT THE PENTAGON:
understand in those 22 seconds of truth in now 11 years of mind-control, that you just saw conclusive proof that a MILITARY COUP took place on 911:
We need your help; George Galloway has entirely let us down and as far we know, despite sending this his way, has not read out nor entered into Parliamentary records in any way the following translation of the Honorary President of the Italian Supreme Court (Judge Imposimato) (interview transcript from interview also available in original Italian on this page):
Note: we also have the above translation in Spanish as well as English now.
If all of the above was not enough for you; I only scratch the surface of the deceptions:
Why 911 happened on 911 and not any other day: (review 11 minute SECOND video on this page, it will interest you no end to continue this line of reasoning, I absolutely promise you:
If you personally can handle the deepest truths we can currently find, we ask you to continue:
I am so sorry that this information may cause you personal distress, anger and many other emotions, but we need you to not flip out, and handle it, and get it public domain as fast as possible.
I am willing and capable of briefing you personally on any of the above subjects, and willing to do so, now almost ten years in past my own call to M15 back in 2003.
I need you to keep yourself alive (Kennedy didn’t succeed remember), and I need to get back to England to do so.
I remain your ever humble servant.
A member of the Bar of England and Wales, deep, deep, deep down a rabbit hole …. Ever so glad we have one MP (at least) willing and committed, now unquestionably, to do the right thing.
Should you wish to meet, you may contact me stating so via leaving a comment on the above blog, which I personally write. It’s a bit of a mess. Blame those people that murdered Kennedy for that. And I repeat now; do keep yourself alive.
The White Rabbit!
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The White Rabbit!

For the first time, I'm truly at a loss as to know what to add to the usual link below, for in the above contains the reality, of the past 65 years of coverups of reality ... If I could link to  all of the now 3601 posts made in the past 370 odd days of my life, I would.  The REAL REALITY is that ALL of them are TRUTH ... Though few (out of the billions) would ever dare believe it, let's hope we have finally found our hero ... With the courage and the intellect to truely get to grip with REALITY, .... as REALITY ACTUALLY IS.
Dare You?
Dsare You??
Dare you

Dare you; dare you reality Rabbit ... With ....

The White Rabbit! ? .... 

Could get Mor Satanic if you Don't ... U know!
Dare you, dare you, dare you bend your reality to truth today?????

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