Monday, 22 October 2012


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Chunky Mark, as always, speaks the truth the BBC takes billions to speak, but doesn't; spending YOUR billions, on PAYING PEDO PRESENTERS MASSIVE SALARIES to fuck your kids, and quite literally, on set, and on the BBC Radio Roadshow .... (accompanied by bed ;)) ... Meantime the FAKE DARK CABAL PRETEND JOURNALISTS (all of whom knew), now feign mild consternation ... "They're all corrupt'.... "They facilitate the murder of children around the globe" says Chunky Mark, HERO OF UK TRUTH ... (do note we have warned one particular BBC SCUMBAG MIND-CONTROL ARTIST of his WAR CRIMES PROSECUTION already ...  
Soon it might just be the entire 22,000 staff. for CONSPIRACY TO RAPE CHILDREN, and PERVERTING (how apt), the COURSE OF PUBLIC JUSTICE.  We no lie.  THEY ALL KNEW, they ALL DID NOTHING; if the British People sleep now; Britain is LOST.

Meantime, the BBC CONTINUE TO COVERUP THE 911 TRUTH THAT NO PLANE HIT THE PENTAGON, and other small facts, which PROVE BEYOND ANY REASONABLE DOUBT that a MILITARY COUP by the DARK CABAL took place in America on 11th September 2001 ... Leading DIRECTLY to the deaths of over 2,000,000 people.

The Pedos at the BBC and the PEDO COVER-UP ARTISTS (one of whom is now PROMOTED and IN-CHARGE of the BBC, continue to take MASSIVE SALARIES (and now we know why, hey) ....  Nothing else but JAIL will suffice, but will the PEDO POLICE (admittedly now clearlying

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