Monday, 22 October 2012


It's a subject no one wants to take seriously, and certainly not us about 6 months ago, but facts are facts, and since our realisation (and attempt at code-breaking) on The Pet Goat, facts, can no longer be ignored ...

With a 'cult' found stealing nukes in the USAF, with ritualistic slaughters appearing time and time again (even if faked, in terms of the actors portrayed as the 'survivors-witnesses', and with no one in any doubt any more (no-one except The Pet Goat anyway) ... that the BBC has spent 50 years and LOTS of your money PAYING PEDOPHILES to rape your children, even the most sceptic of sceptics by now MUST at least have some questions as to just WTF is really going on ... especially now we have uploaded the NO PLANE HIT THE PENTAGON FBI VIDEO PROOF to our sister site's youtube, it's time is it not, we all took a bit of a deeper look into the designed destruction of the moral fabric of Western Society.

Live in ignorance if you must, but the question of whether or not SATANISM is at the root of the Secret Societies Eisenhower and especially and literally Kennedy warned us all about, MUST now be a question all real researchers into reality MUST ask, and find an answer to.  

This is a Rabbit Hole atheists especially are want not to look into, but share with us a moment, the insight that even if this is NOT what is going on 'in reality', is it not possible that The Pet Goat, especially the now ludicrously deluded 'Christians' in America (who just LOVE to conduct illegal wars mass murdering millions ... DO THINK ABOUT IT) ... can be easily controlled by the APPEARANCE of this ... This was the insight which led us to continue to attempt to crack any code that was present in The Pet Goat ... And thought it's been some time since we had time to continue to verify our second round of code-breaking, if indeed our results are verified, frankly, we must tell you, there is MUCH more truth to some aspects of this as a MEANS and METHOD of COMMUNICATING information, if nothing else, WITHOUT EVER MEETING, than even we would be want to ever believe.  

Never forget:  Kite Hit/Kit Steel/Steal Plane Must .... with the WORLD WATCHING, LIVE: with 100,000,000 USD's worth in value having indeed been PLAIN STOLEN, on 911 itself, in the MINUTES after that broadcast ... ONLY THE EVIDENTIARY BLIND (blinded by 'it's just can't be true' thinking) can be left with NO questions about the POSSIBILITIES, that this might at a MINIMUM, be a means and method of HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT, instructions for the DARK CABAL to ROB The Pet Goat.   It's been hard to find a decent video that might cover some of this stuff without it being pure bullshit put together simply for entertainment and amusement of youtube dunderheads.  We only needed to get 5 minutes into this video, before we think we might have finally stuck if not gold, at least silver ....

Come watch, if you dare ... Deep, Deep, Deep down in the Rabbit Hole of ....

The White Rabbit!

PS Now we have confirmation of Majestic 12 from no less than a Magestic 12 reader themselves, confirming, and in so many respects, going so much further than we would have thought ourselves in some ways perhaps possible, it's time to accept the reality we have all been inclucated with is almost ENTIRELY FALSE indeed. That's just the truth of the FACTS, now RIGHT IN PLANE SIGHT (sic).

PPS. We've noticed many new readers believe we write rabbit cryptically ... And indeed some may think some of the time that is certainly true. But for those that ALWAYS look deeper into REAL reality than most others ... Regular readers of Rabbit we feel sure understand every last word. If you're struggling to understand .... The White Rabbit ... but want to, you should understand, Regular Readers of Rabbit, understand so much more than so many mor! Fact. We have 3,500 posts of TRUTH DUMP right here on The White Rabbit writings right now reader. If you cannot follow the thread of real reality, we suggest you start at the beginning and catch right up just as fast as you can.

PPPS.  If you think this is bull; do drop us a comment, and let us know how you would account for the massive disparity in concentration powers between the EU and USA now; we'd REALLY like to know if you think YOUR grip on REAL REALITY, give you the CORRECT ANSWER.

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