Wednesday, 24 October 2012

#OBAMA2012 Trump Taunts CIA Obama #RECORDS

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We know it; Donald knows it; but you still don't?  Obama is not Obama; Obama is not a natural born American (or if he is, he's a fraudster in many, many ways).

Romney we hope, is a candidate, of course, is just as much a crook as Obama.

Perhaps time an Obama supporter, with the money to do this, stood and asked for the release of Bain Capital (a money launderiing outfit for organised drug dealing (and possibly gun running) FULL accounts to be released, showing just how Romney (legimately) earned well now, 16 times or so the 'impossible' returns of Ponzi scheme operator (and of course, ex-Head of the New York Stock Exchange); Madoff.

We said to friends 6-12 months ago, it's time American millionaires realised reality, and GOT ACTIVE EXPOSING THE TRUTHS of modern MAFIA AMERICA.

What ever you think of Donald Trump, WE accept right now, clearly, he's not a crook.  Time American's woke up and realised their 'choice' in this election, is between TWO CROOKS, and DID SOMETHING ABOUT IT and MASS ARRESTED THE MAFIA Dark Cabal that has MASS MURDERED IT'S WAY TO TRILLIONS OF STOLEN LOOT.

The (still) free west outside of America, demands you do YOUR Constitutional duty, civilians, military, law enforcement; don't let this GLOBAL EMBARRASSMENT of an 'election' continue, not one more minute; get your MARCH ON WASHINGTON organised from YOUR STATE, RIGHT NOW! 

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