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VERY IMPORTANT NOTE (response in via Twitter (upon our request); no time to make it pretty; copying them straight across to COMMENTS BELOW the page ... DO READ THEM for the CORRECT CONTEXT to this page; without reading them, you may actually become MORE DISinformed, than INformed of events in Occupy New Zealand ... Of course, we seem to be JAILED the moment they started coming in, so that we cannot ask for FULL REPUBLISHING RIGHTS to their own articles referenced therein ... But we will be doing, meantime, pop over and read all about it from those links in the comments!

Corruption upon high; by the down low, down under, and right a bit! ... We've worked all year with Occupy New Zealand via a person we trust implcitly @endarken ... (Occupy Auckland IT Team) ... But as regular readers of Rabbit know, even if we vehemently disagree with a position, we still give it airtime, because that's what Democrazy is all about; EVERYONE being given a chance to PERSUADE, without using violence! ;)

And so, off into the deep end with this one; and we hope it will encourage OccupyWallStNYC to finally give us permission to publish what we know about Occupy Wall Street's problems in similar regards.  Even if they got intimidated or violence was used to (so far unexplained) remove our chance to help them NAME who exactly was most responsible for TRASHING their credibility earlier in the year, using DARK CABAL TACTICS, then we may feel we have no choice (as we're truly out of time now), and DO SO WITHOUT THE EVIDENCE anyway ... For we must NOT let CONTROLLED OPPOSITION intimidate us.  Anyway, over to down under, and OccupyNZ internals, in the spirit of wishing to give all side a voice.

We're unsure if we're getting censored rather a lot ourselves ATM, but if you're reading @endarken, and would like to make a detailed comment or post links so that others see all sides, please do so.

Vinnie interviews Anti-Corruption Campaigners of a lifetime ... In a globalised world, if activists understand only their own patch, they understand NOTHING.  We only hope one time or another, activists get focused on GODZILLA; the REAL ENEMY of all of HUMANity, and all  ...

The White Rabbit!
PS  Once you get about 5-6 minutes in, and the conversation turns to GREENPEACE and other organisations PENETRATION to keep them FOCUSED OFF the REAL issues (which is what this blog exclusively covers) ... Then you SHOULD start understanding mor REALITY!  If you can handle it: try this MASSIVE LONG-AWAITED DISCLOSURE, but don't be The Pet Goat: listen and BELIEVE what you are hearing:

Of course, you've likely heard some of the basics by now:

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  1. Decentralise Occupy ‏@endarken

    .@censorednewsnow penny bright is psycho who hired P.I. "Grace Haden" 2 investigate OA media team members & our kids tried 2 "fire" us all

  2. Decentralise Occupy ‏@endarken

    .@censorednewsnow suggest you read … CTRL-F Penny Bright

  3. Decentralise Occupy ‏@endarken

    .@censorednewsnow after degrading OA G.A.'s til their discontinuation she did same (& got kicked out) of Aotearoa Is Not For Sale & S.A.

  4. Decentralise Occupy ‏@endarken

    @censorednewsnow we dont need to rebutt it. she's been thrown out of all the protest groups. she's anathema here now.

  5. Decentralise Occupy ‏@endarken

    .@censorednewsnow this is 2nd recent attack video frm her. last one she slammed entire left 3 days before "representing" OA in high court

  6. Decentralise Occupy ‏@endarken

    .@censorednewsnow read comments section … "Feedback 2 Occupy Auckland can b sent c/- Penny Bright

  7. Decentralise Occupy ‏@endarken

    .@censorednewsnow check w/ @keyweekat has known Penny 4 decades. @redstar309z 1 of 5 occupiers penny has consecutively attacked #sabotage


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